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  • Safety barriers for the City Mountainbike cup

    Mountain biking is often associated with forests and muddy paths, but that is not the full picture. The UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup always takes place in a city. Barcelona (ES), Valkenswaard (NL) and Winterberg (DE) were already transformed into challenging mountain bike courses for this event. Extreme sports require extreme safety measures. That is how the organisers found their way to...

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  • Boplan catalogue 2019

    The year is still young but so far we’ve certainly made our fair share of announcements. At the start of summer we have even more important news for you, viz. the launch of our new catalogue. All product info transparently compiled into a super practical paperback!

    Initially the documentation on our range was limited to individual brochures per product type. As the protection of a...

  • Interview Radio X USA

    Designed to be reflective of Gwinnett and metro Atlanta area, the Gwinnett Chamber IMPACT Regional Business Awards recognize leading organizations in top industries that are driving economic development and job creation, while enhancing our quality of life. This event is truly one of a kind as it brings together leaders from the AEC, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, information...

  • FLIP protection kick rail

    February marked the world premiere of the FLIP at the Logimat Fair in Stuttgart. The unique combination of sturdiness and flexibility of this innovative protection plinth attracted immediate attention. Everywhere, people responded enthusiastically to the many possibilities offered by its modular approach and as of today, the first items are delivered to our clients.

    A multinational from...

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  • safety buffer

    This year the international UCI Para-cycling Road World Championship is coming to Belgium! The event will be held in Ostend from 16 to 19 May. As many as 42 countries will participate in this prestigious race, with about 450 athletes! The organisation has entrusted the safety of the various courses to Boplan.

    There are three courses for this event: the time trial (9km), the road race (...

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  • Boplan @ ProMat USA

    Visitors at the PROMAT exhibition in Chicago, IL were talking about a certain football team this year, and it wasn’t the Chicago Bears! Using the slogan “Ready for Impact”, our sales team drew visitor’s attention with their outfits and mascot, a real football player that walked the show. What really stole the show however, was the company’s latest development, the...

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  • E3 Boplan

    March is when we will hear the starting shot of the E3 Prize for the 62nd time. Just like every year, this promises to be a terrific event with well-known names. As sponsor for the event, Boplan will ensure additional safety on the track!

    A cycle race is not without danger, certainly not when the participants enter the final sprint! Just before the last kilometre, the pack swings at...

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  • Flip kickrails

    In 2019, Boplan launches an innovative newcomer: the FLIP. It is the most recent product in our range of collision safeguards and raises the concept of synthetic kick rails to a higher level. The FLIP is a robust safety board made from polymer in which the connection pieces enable you to continuously and efficiently demarcate an area.

    The idea behind the FLIP is to enable the...

  • LogiMAT 2019

    Visit Boplan at LogiMAT 2019. Let's talk about flexible safety barriers for demanding environments.

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  • Flex Impact® vs Forklift crash videoFlexible Safety Barriers demonstration

    This is the video for which Boplan is well known worldwide. It's simply something you have to have seen to become convinced of the endless list of advantages flexible safety barriers have to offer.

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  • Boplan site

    A doubling of turnover planned for 2020

    The headquarters in Moorsele were, for that reason, expanded with extra offices, a spacious dining area for the ever-expanding group of enthusiastic Boplanners, but above all with a new full-fledged production area with machinery for the further automation of BOPLAN's current production processes. The new building with a height of 14m was built on...

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  • iF Design Award 2018 logo

    After recently winning the regional Design X50 award, this iF Design Award shows at a global level how the new FLEX IMPACT® column protectors manufactured by Boplan excel with their looks and effectiveness. In a wide range of work environments worldwide a major amount of damage is caused globally by collisions. BOPLAN column protectors provide ideal protection for column, pillars and...

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  • warehouse saftey barrier

    The aim of the game in a warehouse environment is to achieve a risk-free workplace, although completing this particular game is harder than you think. With hazards at every corner, it is extremely difficult to avoid the odd slip, trip or fall. However, you can minimise the potential of severe accidents occurring with the helping hand of some basic measures. This includes a revolutionary...

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  • Health and Safety Barriers

    A key concern for health and safety managers responsible for a business, which operates using vehicles alongside employees at ground level, is the risk of collisions. You must ensure you put forward precautions such as safety barriers, to help reduce the chances of a crash. Failure to do so may contribute to the severity of any injuries caused by a collision, as well as damages to stock,...

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  • Racking Protection

    One of the biggest risks towards staff, in any warehouse environment, is injury from a racking collapse that could cause a domino effect. Whilst racking is usually secure enough to prevent this from happening, collisions with vehicles and machinery still present a risk. All it takes is for one mistimed manoeuvre or another simple mistake for the racking to be brought down.

    This poses an...

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  • Racking Protection

    For health and safety managers, no concern is greater than ensuring the utmost has been done to provide a safe working environment. From our years of industry experience, we’ve learned there is nothing more important than employee and people safety. Protecting staff, members of the public and a business’ assets from harm is principal to succeeding in the role. For warehouse safety...

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  • Saftey Barriers

    It is unfathomable to suggest that at one point in the workplace, regardless of the environment you work in, there was hardly any safety protocols in order to protect the workforce. Dial the clock back to the 60’s and 70’s where employees, such as coal miners and dock workers, were subject to extremely pressurising conditions with no reassurance over their safety. Not just their...

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  • Saftey bollards

    Within any industrial or factory environment, there is likely to be some assets that require protection from accidents, such as; gates, loading docks and entrances/exits. In many cases, heavy machinery such as forklift trucks are used, and these could potentially cause a great deal of damage. Delivery vehicles such as trucks and lorries may also be present, adding to the potential risk, and...

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  • Airport Ground Staff

    Airports in the 21st century are hectic environments, not only to be experienced as a holiday-lover, but as an employee too. The constant alert, awareness and training required makes for a high-pressure workplace almost at all times. There is a necessity for it though, as it ensures the safety of the passengers and every member of staff.

    But it has to be asked – exactly how much...

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  • Boplan Warehouse Line Plan Floortape

    Here at Boplan, we understand that things move fast in your warehouse. There’s pedestrian workers alongside vehicle and machine operators, simultaneously working their individual roles. In order to maximise the capabilities of your warehouse, you’ve probably put together a dedicated employee workforce alongside expensive machinery and a fleet of vehicles regularly operating in the...

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  • Single Axes Gate

    Not everybody is a fan of heights. There’s just something about being up where the air is clear and looking down that makes some people feel queasy. The easy answer for people like that is to simply avoid being off the ground!

    But for some people, it’s their job. Pylon workers, pilots and even warehouse workers will at some point, during the average working day, work off the...

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  • Yellow Safety Barriers

    When it comes to safety, the most important factor in a safety implement’s performance is the durability. It doesn’t necessarily have to look attractive so long as it serves a protective purpose. However, our flexible safety barriers here at BoPlan subvert this statement. We believe the aesthetics play a crucial role in the performance of our barriers!

    Normally we wouldn...

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  • When working in an intense environment such a factory, there is an underlying need for stringent safety measures. This ensures the protection and safety of everybody involved in the factory’s day-to-day running. One safety measure that can be implemented with many benefits included are pedestrian safety barriers.

    Safety barriers are handy in a number of scenarios and we have...

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  • When your workforce arrive to their jobs on a day-to-day basis, they expect to turn up to a safe working environment. Not only is it a lawful obligation on the business owner’s behalf, but it is a basic human right that runs parallel with toilet access, break times and in some cases, smoke breaks.

    But when it comes to physical human safety, how seriously do you as a Business...

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  • Regardless of where you work, whether it be in a warehouse or an office, there are always potential hazards that can lead to accidents. It is imperative that as a business owner and a business runner, you are aware of the dangers that hazards can pose and that you act upon them swiftly.

    It doesn’t take much for an accident to occur – loose cables along the floor or a dodgy...

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  • Make no secret of it – you can never have too much protection within your warehouse. Here at Boplan, we’re always thriving to make businesses as safe as possible and with our vast catalogue of safety implements, you could be making strides in achieving just that.

    There are many ways you can improve your business’ safety. Clear fire exits, a high standard of...

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  • If you’re a business owner, you may have several questions running through your mind. Are my staff happy? What’s my financial outlook for the next quarter? Is my business premises safe to work within? If the answer to the latter question isn’t crystal clear, maybe it’s time for a change.

    It is impossible to make a business accident-proof, as an accident in the...

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  • What makes a happy, enjoyable working environment? Is it a positive attitude? Staff morale? Or maybe the knowledge that everyone within that environment is safe to work there? Boplan wants to ensure that you’re able to keep your workers safe and happy, all whilst keeping your factory compliant with safety regulations. Read on to see how this can be achieved!

    The Stats Don’t...

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  • If you were to look at your business, you may already have some safety measures implemented to ensure your workforce is well shielded from your vehicle fleet and other potential hazard zones. However, if you were to take a look at your racking – is that as adequately protected? If not, you could be looking at an economic crisis, where you could be kissing goodbye to thousands of pounds...

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    Flexible Safety Barriers – Protecting People & Equipment

    The important thing to remember when it comes to protecting your business’ assets and the occupants within is the adaptability it brings. No longer do you have to rely upon permanently-fixed applications to prevent any vehicular accidents! Boplan has a variety of flexible safety barriers to...

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  • manual forklift warehouse safety barrier.jpg

    Repairing Damaged Warehouse Safety Barriers

    If you look around your warehouse and allow your eyes to be drawn to your safety barriers, are you greeted with the best in ultra-modern and durable technology or do you see tired, 20th century concrete and steel?

    Traditional or retro safety barriers, such as steel barriers, require regular maintenance. To ensure that they are seen from...

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    Top 5 Tips for Safety Barrier Design in Your Warehouse

    At Boplan, we love to see warehouses implementing appropriate measures in order to develop a safe working environment for their employees. We believe safety is key to creating an atmosphere people want to be a part of. When employees feel cared for and appreciated, loyalty and productivity rates increase and...

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    Amazing Airport Safety Barriers

    For councillors and private airport owners, security and safety are a central focus to ensure the likelihood of continuous travel, without disruption. With the congested nature of airports, accidents involving vehicles unfortunately do occur. Here at Boplan, we have a vast range of modern airport safety barrier products for you to choose from....

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  • Safety Barriers in the Food Industry

    Food; everybody needs it so it makes sense that food production, food storage and food distribution is a vast industry. Within that industry, there is a need to ensure that goods, people and infrastructure are safe.

    Boplan can help. Our safety solutions are in place in food companies across the globe and there’s a good reason why. Not only...

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  • Protective posts just got more exciting...

    At Boplan, we’re dedicated to creating innovative safety solutions for the workplace. Our range of flexible safety bollards and flexible protective posts provide far more benefits than their metal counterparts and are being used in major companies across the globe. We’re proud of how amazing our products are but we never stop trying to...

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  • Flexible Safety Barriers in your Workplace

    What is strong but flexible, designed for maximum visibility and minimum maintenance, innovative and versatile, and can be used for a number of different applications?

    This isn’t some kind of complicated riddle. The answer is easy; it’s our FLEX IMPACT® safety barriers.

    We know it sounds too good to be true but our...

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  • Boplan Flexible Safety Barrier Crash

    Scotland Health and Safety Barrier Exhibition

    We are passionate about health and safety so we’re absolutely delighted to be attending this year’s Health and Safety Scotland event. This event will be held at the SEC in Glasgow on the 3rd and 4th of May. The SEC is the perfect venue for an event of this scale. It’s a great location with great facilities and it’s...

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  • Chemical Factory Safety Barriers

    Question: Why can you never trust atoms?

    Answer: They make up everything. Sorry for the bad chemistry joke but all the good ones Argon.

    Okay, okay, we promise that’s the last joke we’ll make. Fortunately for our clients, our chemical factory safety barriers are much better than our attempt at chemical humour.

    Our flexible...

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  • Flexible Safety Barriers in Warehouses

    At Boplan we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing innovative safety solutions. Our flexible safety barriers are just one of the fantastic ranges we have on offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide full safety solutions; from zone planning to installation to ongoing maintenance.

    Our products are used globally...

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  • Flexible Airport Safety Barriers

    Airports are extremely busy places. As well as all the planes flying in and out, there are all the support vehicles too. Catering trucks, baggage handlers, forklifts, ground support, dollies, fuel trucks, container loaders, passenger buses; the list goes on.

    With all that traffic, it’s not surprising that accidents happen. Damage to...

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  • Tests performed by Transpolis and TÜV Nord

    Boplan impact results of Flex Impact safety barriers are scientifically proven by an extensive series of professional impact tests coordinated by the renowned accredited laboratory Transpolis (France, ISO 17025). (with stakeholders like Renault, Polaris Inc. USA, etc.)

    In close collaboration with Dr. Edmondo Di Pasquale, with a Ph.D....

  • Flex Impact - Flexible safety barrier demonstration

    Health and Safety: Flexible Safety Barriers

    At Boplan, we think safety barriers are pretty exciting and, after we tell you all about our Flex Impact range, we think you will too.

    Not convinced? Let us explain why we think our flexible safety barriers are definitely something worth talking about.

    What isFLEX IMPACT®?

    First we need to tell you all about what makes...

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  • Flexible Safety Barrier - Flex Impact - Forklift Crash Demonstration

    Health & Safety Barriers UK Exhibitions 2017

    We’re excited to be exhibiting our health & safety products at the Birmingham NEC Health and safety event this year.

    We will be sharing our passion for health and safety with other industry experts. It will be a fantastic opportunity to promote our innovative products, giving us the chance to network with...

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  • Boplan has just been nominated by the editors of Trends and Trends Gazelle 2017. This means we belong to one of the fastest growing companies in Belgium (from the county of West Flanders).

    For 15 years already, the editors of Trends select per county "Trends Gazelles". They are fast-growing companies that form an integral part of the economic landscape. Competitive enterprises...

  • Boplan UK Ltd. recently received the "Award for Best Stand" at Health & Safety North partnered by The British Safety Council in The Bolton Arena, UK! 

    Health & Safety North has been developed specifically to suit anyone responsible for health and safety at work within industrial, commercial or public sector businesses throughout the North of England. The...

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  • Polymer Traffic Barriers and Rack End Protectors

    North Carolina based VF, distributors of brands such as The North Face, Timberland and Reef, were building their latest state-of-the-art distribution center. Their challenge was to separate their brand new building, racking systems, conveyer belts and workforce from the dangers of fork lift traffic.

    They wanted to protect their...

  • As adoption increases, efforts to clarify industrial equipment guardrail standards are underway

    It’s generally accepted that the ideal sidewalk includes a physical barrier like a curb or strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road. “You’ve never seen one that’s just a painted line between pedestrians and cars,” says Frank Oorreel, president of Boplan USA...

  • how to install flex impact Boplan YouTube video

    How to install our safety products you wonder? 

    It's so easy actually, the lion's share of Boplan clients choose to perform all installations by themselves. All thanks to our simple modular technology and clear manuals delivered with Boplan products upon delivery. (Also available for download on the Boplan Media Platform). However seeing someone demonstrating an...

  • Boplan infographic forklifts and people don't mix Boplan Flex Impact benefits icons

    Avoid work accidents involving forklift trucks and other heavy vehicles in the workplace

    We cannot repeat this enough! There are still too many accidents at work involving pedestrians being crushed under or between vehicle(s). Such accidents are horrible and can have catastrophic consequences: serious injuries with long-term disability, invalidity or, at worst, even a fatality as a result....