Easy Clean, the ideal cleaning agent for all your collision protection products!

15 December 2019 in Product Support cleaning agents Safety Barriers
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Although our plastic collision protection products are as good as maintenance-free it never hurts to give them a quick polish. Especially in environments with high concentrations of dust or other particles. The good news is you don’t have to go in search of the most suitable cleaning products to restore our safety solutions to their original lustre. Why? Our range includes the ideal cleaning product to achieve just that: Easy Clean!

Easy Clean is a universal cleaning agent for the Flex Impact range and contains all the necessary components to clean our safety products. Easy Clean effortlessly removes all dust, deposits and other dirt. Moreover, this cleaning product leaves no streaks and contains no abrasives. In other words, with Easy Clean you can be 100% certain that your collision protection products are getting the best treatment available!

Depending on the circumstances in which our safety solutions are used, we recommend you clean them at least twice a year with this ozone-friendly cleaning spray. Just spray a few times on different parts of the construction, then wipe it dry with a clean microfibre cloth. This will keep the striking yellow colour standing out like it’s supposed to!

Would you like to order Easy Clean for the collision protection products in your company or warehouse? Feel free to email us at info@boplan.com or call us at +32 56 20 64 20.