Column & Corner protectors

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Protects infrastructure and people against lighter impacts

The BOPLAN® SOFT COLUMN COVER with its 50 mm thick impact-absorbing foam layer is designed to protect columns against impacts from lighter traffic and to prevent people from being injured by sh

Flex Impact CP Corner Protector
Corner protection for the most vulnerable walls and corners

Small, non load-bearing columns, but also walls and corners that jut out, are among the most vulnerable parts of a building.

  • KP Protector Ice Flex
Flex Impact Column Protector KP
iF Design Award 2018
Column protection for round load-bearing pillars or for columns

The KP Protector is a round column protection for round load-bearing pillars or for columns with an H beam.

Flex Impact Column Protection KP Universal
Modular and universal protection of large columns and beams

With its modular fence-shaped structure, the CP Universal has been specifically designed to protect masts, load-bearing pillars and columns of extraordinary sizes from collisions.

Safety cone for optimal protection and signaling

The Safety Totem ensures effective protection of dangerous obstacles on the work site where there is traffic from forklift trucks, trucks, bulldozers or other (heavy) rolling stock.