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16 March 2017 in Health and Safety warehouse Forklift Barriers

Flexible Safety Barriers in Warehouses

At Boplan we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing innovative safety solutions. Our flexible safety barriers are just one of the fantastic ranges we have on offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide full safety solutions; from zone planning to installation to ongoing maintenance.

Our products are used globally across a range of industries. Warehouses are just one example of where Boplan products are improving safety.


Our Health & Safety work with H&M

We have worked with H&M to improve the safety of their Southern Europe distribution centre. With over six million items of clothing being processed per week, there’s a lot going on. H&M are now benefiting first hand from our safety solutions.

There are many load bearing beams within the centre, supporting mezzanine floors and warehouse rooftops. A small impact from a forklift truck could collapse these, damaging goods and trapping drivers. Our safety barriers, column protectors and Forklift Barriers minimise risk.

Our TB Plus barrier is being used to protect people at their workstations. It is the perfect combination of handrail and safety barrier. It has also been used to protect the order picking stations from traffic and create safe storage zones for pallets.

We’ve also provided BO Impact bollards to reinforce corner protection, and TB 400 safety barriers to protect the conveyor belts from traffic impacts. By combining our products, H&M now have a customised solution in place to protect their people and their business operations.

Complete peace of mind safety solutions

H&M can be confident in our solutions because they have been thoroughly tested and approved for use by Transpolis and TÜV NORD.

Our warehouse safety barriers offer far more benefits than their metal counterparts. They are made from a polymer that is equal in strength but actually absorbs shock on impact and dissipates it throughout the body of the barrier. This unique design reduces damage to vehicles and minimises injury to drivers whilst still effectively protecting buildings or equipment.

Because of the modular design they can be installed exactly where needed and adapted or added to as business needs change. H&M aren’t the only clients that have benefitted from our safety solutions. Coca-Cola, Unilever, SCA, Yves Rocher and many other companies across the globe have utilised our great products.


Safety barriers Improve your warehouse safety

Every business is unique. We understand that different warehouses will have different risks depending on factors such as speed and weight of traffic driving around, therefore we work with you to ensure that you get the level of protection you need and give you access to a wide range of solutions as well as our expertise. Our passion for what we do is evident in our continual development of flexible safety barriers and safety equipment.

Our systems are available to buy or lease and we plan, install and maintain as required. Our priority is to keep your people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure safe and give you complete peace of mind. Why not let us take care of your warehouse safety solutions? If you would like to find out more about our Flex Impact® range of plastic safety barriers or discuss any of our products then get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.