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Chemical resistant

Safety products with high resistance to chemicals

Certain industrial sectors place high demands on the materials that were used in construction, as they work with chemical substances, corrosive materials or toxic chemicals. Chemicals are often highly reactive, deteriorating everything in the surrounding area. FLEX IMPACT® is chemically resistant and therefore compliant with the high standards set by the chemical industry.

Flex Impact, right at home in the demanding petro-chemical industry

The unique composition of our Boplan FLEX IMPACT® safety products makes them resistant to most of the prevailing chemical and corrosive substances in the chemical industry. That is precisely the reason why our crash protection systems are so strongly represented in the petro-chemical industry.

Veiligheidsproducten met een hoge chemische bestendigheid

Fire Retardant

Collision protection with flame-retardant properties

Your safety is our highest priority. Although it may not seem connected in any way with collision safety, we still consider it important that our plastic FLEX IMPACT®materials use a chemical composition that makes them fire retardant.

Safety in the workspace across the complete line

In any crisis situation in the workspace, we want to save as much time and as many lives as possible. Each moment of time saved to safely get out of a dangerous situation can after all save lives. That is why we had the idea to incorporate this innovative flame-retardant property into our plastic collision protection.
FLEX IMPACT plastic has been manufactured in such a way that it has a flame-retardant effect. Yet another innovative property of our safety products which people might not consider their top priority, but could actually prove very important in possible crisis situations in the workspace which we would like to spare everyone. Your safety is our highest priority. Each moment of time saved to safely get out of a dangerous situation can save lives.

Aanrijbeveiliging met vuurvertragende eigenschappen

Active memory

Crash protection that was designed to absorb enormous amounts of force

The FLEX IMPACT® crash protection systems are known worldwide for their unique flexibility properties, without losing any of their strength. FLEX IMPACT has been specially designed to absorb the force released in a collision with a heavy vehicle such as a 4.5 ton forklift.

Flexible polymer with an active shape memory

How does that actually work? Our FLEX IMPACT® safety products are made of highly flexible polymer, a synthetic material that possesses a kind of active shape memory, also known as ‘active memory’, enabling them to absorb massive amounts of force. In the event of a collision, the material simply bends and then returns to its original shape again afterwards. In contrast to a steel construction that will remain dented and damaged, FLEX IMPACT crash protection makes it look like nothing ever happened. Your safety fences, crash barriers, safety gates and protective posts will remain unscathed, just like your corporate reputation and professional look.

Aanrijbeveiliging die gemaakt is om enorme krachten te absorberen

Strength equivalent to steel

The sturdiness of synthetic polymers is far too often underestimated

There are still doubts about the strength of our polymer safety systems, as we often hear at trade fairs. It is with great amusement that we often watch prospective new clients gently push our FLEX IMPACT® products to see whether they would topple over or dent.

Flexible polymer, a rock-hard synthetic for increased safety

However, FLEX IMPACT® is capable of absorbing collisions with vehicles and forklifts up to 4.5 tons travelling at considerable speeds. That hardly compares to the little bump these prospective clients give. Feel free to believe us, the flexible polymer used in our FLEX IMPACT® safety products is at least equal to the classic steel safety solutions that have been outpaced by modern technology.

De stevigheid van kunststof nog al te vaak onderschat

Lightweight compared to steel

Much lighter and yet stronger than steel crash protection

FLEX IMPACT® safety products are much lighter and therefore much easier to transport than their classic counterparts in steel. One might expect light materials to be weaker, but that is far from the truth.

Easy to transport and cost-efficient in terms of manpower

The minimal weight of our FLEX IMPACT® crash protection is an important advantage. They are not only easier to install, but you also need less manpower to move them. And of course all these advantages are reflected in lower costs.

Veel lichter en toch sterker dan stalen aanrijbeveiliging

No repaint

Crash protection that you never need to repaint

All of our FLEX IMPACT® safety products are made from polymers that are coloured to the very core. In contrast to steel crash protection systems, when you use this system, no paint or finish will peel off in the collision. Repainting after a collision will be a definite thing of the past.

What are the advantages?

  • No impact on the environment
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-efficient
  • You will have a more professional corporate reputation because your company is not filled with safety posts and barriers that have visible collision damage.
Aanrijbeveiliging die u nooit moet herschilderen

Optimal Visibility

Visible and distinctive crash protection

In order to be efficient, crash protection first and foremost needs to be clearly visible. A highly distinctive appearance will ensure that the safety posts, fences and gates encounter far fewer collisions. That is why all of our FLEX IMPACT® safety materials have been made in bright and distinctive colours. By default, our products have all been made in yellow, the standard international safety color for all industries. After all, yellow is the most visible, distinctive colour.

A sophisticated combination of bright yellow, fluorescent and luminescent safety products

FLEX IMPACT® makes it possible to combine the standard yellow safety products with a number of reflective and luminescent elements. The innovative ‘Glow in the Dark’ elements possess light-absorbent properties during daytime. At nightfall or in the event of a sudden power failure, these elements will release the absorbed light gradually. Due to this innovative luminescence, you can bridge the gap between darkness and light by about 4 hours. Bright yellow, fluorescent and luminescent elements will ensure that your hazardous zones are more visible and recognisable.

Zichtbare en opvallende aanrijbeveiliging