Kick rails and wheel stoppers

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The new standard for ground level protection

Our FLIP range of kickrails offers full ground level protection and is available in different strengths and versions depending on the needs.

Modular ground level protection against light impacts

The FLIP 120M is especially made to follow corners and shapes to offer seamless protection of your walls and infrastructure.

Modular ground level protection

The FLIP 180M kickrail offers ground level protection up to ankle height and covers all angles thanks to its flexible and modular design with connection pieces.

Ground level protection for pedestrians

The FLIP PLUS is equipped with the FLIP 200 rail and is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting pedestrians from ground level impacts of up to 15.200 Joules.

Kick rail in flexible polymer Kick
Protect skirting boards and walls from vehicle collisions

The PL Kick is specifically designed to absorb impacts that take place low to the ground.

Kick rail in flexible polymer Hexa
Robust synthetic protection against crashes

The PL Hexa is a hexagonal-shaped, synthetic kick rail which is ideal for protecting walls and skirting boards from collisions.

Kick rail in flexible polymer Kerb
Providing continuous flexible protection against rolling stock

The PL Kerb is similar to the PL Kick but with the added benefit of being able to connect multiple PL Kerbs together to give continuous protection.

WS Wheel Stop
Wheel stopper for parking spaces

This Wheel Stop is designed to be installed in parking spaces. It comes in three sizes; small, medium and large.

Clear and safe delineation of parking bays

This wheel stopper is designed for use in car parks. It is the ideal way to mark out parking spaces in a safe and clear way.

Heavy duty speed restriction bump

The ideal solution for limiting the speed of light and heavy vehicles in vigilance zones.