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Chemical Factory Safety Barriers

Question: Why can you never trust atoms?

Answer: They make up everything. Sorry for the bad chemistry joke but all the good ones Argon.

Okay, okay, we promise that’s the last joke we’ll make. Fortunately for our clients, our chemical factory safety barriers are much better than our attempt at chemical humour.

Our flexible impact safety barriers provide a far better solution than metal safety barriers and here’s why…

Strong, impact resistant and flexible safety barriers

Metal safety barriers stop vehicles from crashing into infrastructure but they don’t absorb the impact. Often the shock is concentrated on the footplates and fixations of the barrier which causes cracking to the floor and that can be very expensive to repair. When a vehicle hits a metal safety barrier it may cause a lot of damage to the vehicle but the force of the impact can also cause major injury to the driver.

Our FLEX IMPACT® plastic barriers are made from a polymer that is equivalent in strength to steel. They absorb the impact by flexing. This decreases the shock to the vehicle, minimising the damage and reducing injury to the driver. The force of the impact dissipates throughout the barrier which eliminates damage to the floor.

After an impact, the factory safety barriers return to their original shape and remain just as strong and shock absorbent as before.


What makes Plastic Safety Barriers suitable for chemical factories?

Our Plastic Safety Barriers are ideal for chemical factories because they don’t corrode or rust. They are far more chemical resistant than steel barriers and there is no risk of oxidation so they are more hygienic. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, high saline and corrosive environments.

Chemical factory safety barriers are just one of the innovative safety solutions we offer. Boplan products are already being utilised in many businesses within the petrochemical and chemical industry. Our solutions are used in oil refineries and offshore drilling platforms as well as factories and warehouses. Clients we work with in this industry include GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), AksoNobel, BASF and BP.


Our safety barriers offer total safety solutions

We offer full safety solutions giving you a one stop option for all your safety needs. All of our Safety Barrier designs are modular for ease of transportation and installation and flexibility as your business changes or grows.

Our clients have complete faith in our products because they are thoroughly tested by us, as well as independently by Transpolis and TÜV NORD. Our passion for safety and our commitment to designing innovative solutions is what makes us one of the leading safety companies in the world.


Interested in our chemical factory safety barriers?

Our products are available to lease or purchase and we have representatives across the globe that can provide the best safety solutions for you. We use professional CAD drawings for zone planning to ensure that every area that needs protection is suitably covered. We take care of production, delivery, installation and any ongoing maintenance.

If you’ d like to find out more about any of our services then get in touch. Or why not come and visit us at one of our exhibitions and see our products in action. We look forward to hearing from you.