New SG Sliding Gate - Safety gate with sliding door

31 May 2022

Our SG SLIDING GATE received a new ergonomic design with rounded corners to better match the current BOPLAN® product range. The position of the wheel support has also been changed in order to ensure a perfect fit when connecting to another BOPLAN® safety product. By positioning it further away from the end post, the wheel is no longer hindered by the floor plate and the gate closes perfectly.

The SG Sliding Gate is a safety gate that opens and closes by means of a sliding door. You have the choice between a version where the door slides open to the left or to the right. When opening the SG Sliding Gate, the sliding door rolls over the floor on a sturdy wheel; the balustrades of the safety gate slide through the tubes of the handrails installed alongside. The SG Sliding Gate gives you the perfect safety gate to close off critical hallways and spaces such as a machine room or areas with restricted access..

This safety gate is easy to install and part of the impact-resistant and aesthetically pleasing array of FLEX IMPACT® crash protection systems. The integration of a safety gate with a sliding door is especially suited for rooms that have limited freedom of movement. The SG Sliding Gate can be supplemented in a modular structure by the FLEX IMPACT® handrails or balustrades, available in various colours. Together, these safety elements ensure smooth, safe traffic between the various zones in your company.

The new SG Sliding Gate in a nutshell:

  • Round corners
    A perfect fit with the rest of the BOPLAN® range
  • Ergonomic and safe design
    Designed for optimal use in an industrial environment
  • Adapted wheel stopper
    Ensures perfect closure of the door
  • 2 door stops
    To better absorb and distribute the force of the closing mechanism


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