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6 March 2020 in Product Support ice flex Food Manufacturing Safety Barriers extreme temperatures

Acting rashly in exceptional circumstances is a tried and true recipe for accidents. However, in some industries there are no other options. Take the food industry, for instance. Much of the work in this industry takes place in refrigerated rooms, or even in sub-zero environments. Fortunately our Boplan safety products provide protection where it is most needed!

Processing and storing refrigerated and frozen products requires a specific approach. Employees must complete their assigned tasks within a certain time frame, forcing them to carry out these assignments quickly. In addition to extreme temperatures staff can also be impeded by protective clothing, fogged up glasses or a slippery surface. In other words, dealing with these safety risks requires a special approach.

Almost every product in the FLEX IMPACT® range by BOPLAN® has an ICE FLEX® version made of a special type of polymer that can withstand negative temperatures up to -30°C. Despite the low temperatures this freeze-resistant synthetic material retains its flexibility without sacrificing performance. The following products in this range are available in an ICE FLEX® version:

TB 400 Series

The ICE FLEX® TB 400 guardrail protects staff working in freezer rooms against collisions with light and heavy fork lifts. The TB 400 is available as a single or double traffic barrier, depending on the type of fork lift traffic. It can also be fitted with HP handrails.


he HP Plus ICE FLEX® handrails are specially designed to allow the circulation of pedestrians to take place in a logical, clear and above all safe way.


The FLIP has revolutionised the world of kick rails. This innovative safety solution up to ankle height is also available in an ICE FLEX® version and can be combined with other collision protection systems, including the TB 400 Series of safety barriers.  Its flexible and modular design creates an uninterrupted safe gangway that can be made as long as necessary while circumventing all manner of physical obstacles. Perfect for sandwich panels and insulation walls in large cold stores to provide extra protection against carts, transpallets and other light vehicles.

The FLIP PLUS in ICE FLEX® version is the latest addition to the FLIP range of kickrails. Thanks to the integration of the HP Plus ergonomic handrails, this safety solution offers the most effective pedestrian protection against ground-level collisions in sub-zero temperature environments.

KP Series

Building structures that are exposed to extreme temperatures are subjected to more pressure than would be the case in normal circumstances. Columns, poles and pillars are particularly vulnerable. This is where the ICE FLEX® column protectors provide some much-needed protection. We carry a wide selection of diameters so there’s a solution for every column.


Fork lifts crashing against racks are amongst the most frequent industrial accidents in storage facilities. Sometimes fork lifts have to negotiate tight corners when turning into an aisle. There’s always a risk that the fork lift will hit and severely damage the end of the rack. The ICE FLEX® RackEnd protects this end of your racking in freezer rooms.


The RackBull® creates a resilient buffer at the base of your racking. When a vehicle crashes into the rack the RackBull® absorbs the impact. Just like the standard version, the ICE FLEX® version is universal and therefore suits all rack types.

BO Impact

Nearly every freezer room has a lock with a PVC strip curtain or an electric roller door. Fork lift traffic taking the frozen or refrigerated products from point A to B passes through this curtain, increasing the odds of a steering error. The BO Impact ICE FLEX® impact bollard provides extra protection for gangways, gates and corners.

Goal Posts

Sometimes protecting the sides of a gangway is not enough. When a gangway or canopy has a limited height, a height limiter is absolutely indispensable! Installing a Goal Post protects both the structure and the forks of the fork lift against damage.

Is your company active in the processing, storage or transport of refrigerated or frozen products? Then carefully evaluate the risk areas within the logistics process. Our team of experts is at your service and will be happy to provide you with professional support.


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