New FLIP range: The new standard for ground level protection

31 May 2022

With the new FLIP, BOPLAN is launching a revolutionary range of kick rails that will set new standards for protection at ground level. Each wheelstopper is made of Novilene® polymer and is based on the existing I-shaped profile of the FLIP. Each profile has its own impact resistance value, giving each product its own specific application or function.

FLIP 120 / 180 / 200 / 200 FORCE

Our standard FLIP series of kick rails offers full protection at ground level and is available in 4 strengths and 4 designs depending on the requirements. The innovative and robust I-shaped rail absorbs impacts from 3,000 Joules (FLIP 120) to 16,000 Joules (FLIP 200 Force). Made of Novilene®, an ultra-high impact polymer, it can be used in a variety of environments - both indoors and outdoors. FLIP is quick and easy to install and can be combined with other Boplan traffic barrier systems for maximum safety. This makes FLIP a cost-effective solution for various situations.


The FLIP 120M is especially made to follow corners and shapes to offer seamless protection of your walls and infrastructure. The Flip 120M can withstand impacts of up to 2.600 Joules, ideal for light trolleys and pallet trucks. The optional CID® system ensures signalization of any critical impacts that might require a technical inspection.

The FLIP 180M kickrail offers ground level protection up to ankle height and covers all angles thanks to its flexible and modular design with connection pieces. The robust I-shaped rail and thick-walled connection pieces absorb impacts up to 3.500 Joules on both rails and posts. The FLIP 180M can be equipped with the CID® system as an option and exists in ICE FLEXTM version for ambient temperatures down to -30° C!


The FLIP PLUS is equipped with the FLIP 200 rail and is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting pedestrians from ground level impacts of up to 15.200 Joules. People are safely segregated from dangerous areas thanks to the ergonomic handrails. FLIP PLUS comes with the ingenious BOPLAN CID® system as an option, allowing a quick visual inspection after a heavy impact.


  • Protection against ground level impacts
  • Protection of sensitive walls (refrigerator walls / decorative walls / sandwich panels)
  • Protection of machines and infrastructure
  • Cost–  efficient rack end
  • Wheelguide for pallet trucks or trolleys in busy traffic lanes


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