BOPLAN® introduces the “RACE BARRIER”

15 March 2021 in Sporting events
  • boplan-race-barrier

The BOPLAN® "RACE BARRIER" is the latest safety solution from BOPLAN® and specially designed for protecting the finish area of ​​cycling races. The 1m40 high yellow plastic (polymer) screens will be used for the first time during the E3 Saxo Bank Classic on March 26, 2021. Riders are thus optimally protected during one of the most critical phases of the race. Risks of serious injuries are limited as much as possible.

A number of recent incidents have painfully revealed that better security during cycling races is absolutely necessary. As a result, the adequate securing of the course has become a priority for every organizer of race events. The finish zone in particular deserves special attention given the conditions and speeds with which the race takes place in that zone, for example during mass sprints. With the use of the right resources in the right places, the safety of both riders and spectators is drastically increased.

The BOPLAN® RACE BARRIER is made entirely of shock-absorbing plastic. The 1m40 high barrier forms an angle of 70° with the ground so that spectators are kept at a sufficiently “selfie-safe” distance from the riders' lane. The fences can be seamlessly connected with a tongue and groove connection and have a continuous, recessed advertising space.
The foldable legs make them easy to stack. Special openings ensure trouble-free transport with a forklift truck.

For more than 20 years, BOPLAN® has been developing and producing innovative plastic collision protection solutions for industrial, logistics and production environments. Under the name BOPLAN® SPORT, the company puts its expertise at the service of the sports world, with the mission to increase safety during sporting events so that serious accidents are avoided as much as possible.

The BOPLAN® RACE BUMPERs were already introduced in 2019 during the E3 BinckBank Classic. In 2020, the BOPLAN® RACE TOTEMs were launched for better protection of obstacles on the course, such as refugee islands, traffic signs, speed bumps, etc.

This year, BOPLAN® offers a new solution for securing the finish area of ​​cycling races with the BOPLAN® RACE BARRIERs.

The most important properties of the BOPLAN® RACE BARRIER at a glance:

  • completely made of impact-absorbing polymer
  • height of 140 cm in combination with 70° angle ensures a safe distance from the audience
  • seamless arrangement by means of tongue and groove connection
  • easy to connect together
  • recessed advertising space
  • can be weighted
  • folding legs
  • stackable and easy to use
  • special recesses for forklift transport