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The strongest bollard in the world

The Boplan Bollard Range is a comprehensive selection of protective bollards, engineered to meet a wide range of needs.

Protective bollards with extreme impact resistance

Due to its strength and impact-resistant flexibility, the BO 200 FORCE is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting gates, access ways, corners and machines from impacts up to 16.000

Holder for wokplace communication messages

With the BOPLAN® SignMark 200 you can easily add important messages in the workplace there where they are most relevant and visible.

Flex Impact Bollard BO Light
Protective posts used for collisions involving minor impact risk

The BO Light is a flexible protective post which provides protection from light crashes with vehicles.

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Flex Impact Bollard BO Impact
Protective bollards in places where collisions frequently occur

The FLEX IMPACT® BO Impact bollard is the most suitable flexible protective bollard for environments where frequent impact risks occur, such as in the vicinity of doors, access ways, corners an

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Flex Impact Goal Post
Flexible height limiter and protective portal to protect crash damage in elevated places

The Goal Post within the FLEX IMPACT® array is a flexible height limiter which protects your high gates, canopies and bridges from collisions with high vehicles, such as elevated work platforms

Protective post for badly lit environments and loading docks

This BO Impact with LEDs offers the same benefits as our BO Impact product but with the addition of 5 LED lights that can be controlled by an on/off switch.

Protective post with integrated belt barrier

The BO Belt is a BO200R bollard with an integrated and easy to use belt barrier system.