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> Wear-free anti-skid solutions to prevent falling and slipping

Boplan Xtra Grip anti slip plates

Anti-slip slabs for slippery floors

XTRA GRIP floor slabs are an efficient anti-slip solution for all slippery floors, where you have the biggest risk for slipping. XTRA GRIP anti-slip floor slabs are often used for floors in the food...
Boplan Xtra Grip anti slip traptreden

Anti-skid solutions for staircases, footbridges and elevated work platforms

XTRA GRIP for steps is an efficient anti-skid solution for all slippery stairways and footbridges, but also for the steps of elevated work platforms and bridges. Our XTRA GRIP anti-skid steps are...
Xtra Grip Boplan anti slip profiles

Anti-skid profiles for slippery locations and surfaces

Within the XTRA GRIP range, XTRA GRIP profiles are also available. The XTRA GRIP profiles are tailor-made for all possible industrial and public applications and/or locations. The standard XTRA GRIP...
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  • Xtra grip

    Prevent slipping and falling with a reliable anti-slip solution

    With XTRA GRIP, we offer various anti-slip solutions for fall and slip prevention in the workspace and in public buildings. Falls due to slipping are still the second leading cause of all accidents in the workplace or in public spaces and buildings. The consequences range from a scare and embarrassment to fractures and serious injuries. Anti-slip solutions for stairs and floors are still the most efficient form of fall prevention.


    High-tech anti-slip solution for every possible risk situation

    XTRA GRIP consists of a series of high-tech solutions to minimize slipping in various risk situations. In our range of anti-slip steps, anti-slip floor slabs and anti-slip profiles, you are sure to find the most suitable anti-slip solutions for your staircases, ladders, catwalks, walkways, platforms, runways, working platforms, ramps, industrial floors and many other high-risk situations.


    Durable anti-slip solutions with wear-free, cast-molded anti-slip pellets

    All our XTRA GRIP solutions feature a tread surface consisting of several layers of rigid plastic with wear-free, moulded anti-slip pellets that will not come loose from regular traffic. Even wet conditions, the aggregate retains its safe, reliable, anti-slip effect. XTRA GRIP stands for a durable, impact-resistant, maintenance-free anti-slip tread that prevents falls due to slipping.

    Boplan Xtra Grip stairs