A thorough protection with the FLIP kick rails

18 February 2019 flip safety boards wheel guides
  • Flip kickrails

In 2019, Boplan launches an innovative newcomer: the FLIP. It is the most recent product in our range of collision safeguards and raises the concept of synthetic kick rails to a higher level. The FLIP is a robust safety board made from polymer in which the connection pieces enable you to continuously and efficiently demarcate an area.

The idea behind the FLIP is to enable the protection of infrastructure quickly and easily using kick rails. By means of four different connection pieces, you can wind this type of board around and along drive paths, machines, walls (cold store walls, decorative walls or sandwich panels) and other building elements without having to cope with straight angles. This ensures that the FLIP is a cost-efficient solution for absorbing impacts close to the ground.


The I-shaped FLIP is available in various lengths and can absorb maximum 3,000 Joules impacts at the rail and the connection pieces. The FLIP is easy to mount and combines perfectly with other collision safeguard products for maximum safety!

The boards are made from ultra-high impact polymer and you can use them in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, the protection board is available including a rubber sealing that provides the chemical and food industries with the most hygienic solution in the area of collision safeguards. Furthermore, the FLIP can withstand temperatures of -10°C up to 40°C, which is something that these sectors appreciate very much.

Additional advantages

In addition to protection, mounting the FLIP kick rails also provides practical advantages. Due to its distinctive two-colour appearance, you can also use this type of board to organise an orderly division of goods in loading & unloading zones. This provides a clear visual distinction and also prevents goods from rolling or sliding away from a certain area or demarcation.

The FLIP can also be used superbly as wheel guides for pallet trucks and trolleys. In drive paths full of activity, the resilient protection board ensures that everything occurs properly without any damage to the trolleys driving through the drive paths.

Finally, the FLIP is a cost-efficient alternative for the RE Rack End rack protection.

Curious how you can optimise the safety in your warehouse or workplace using the FLIP? Contact our Team of Experts. Based on the layout of your business, they can advise you on the most appropriate solution for preventing accidents.