Flex Impact®

> Modular and highly shock-absorbent safety barriers

Boplan Flex Impact traffic barriers TB Doubel Super forklift

Collision protection from forklifts and other traffic

FLEX IMPACT® Traffic Barriers are a form of impact protection specifically designed to protect machines and buildings from collisions with forklifts or other heavy vehicles. These impact protection materials are meant for high-speed transport environments or locations where heavy loads are moved or transported, such as warehouses, construction...
Stevige beschermpalen en afschermingen voor uw poorten en doorgangen

Robust protective posts and barriers for your gates and access ways

Bollards and Goal Posts by BoPlan provide excellent barriers for your gates and access ways. After all, collisions involving gates and access ways can lead to major, long-term problem situations. Damage or defects in your gates and access ways due to collisions with a pallet truck or forklift can cause a major disruption in the flow of people and...
Rekbescherming voor een optimale magazijn beveiliging

Rack protection for the best in warehouse protection

Rack protectors will not only save you from considerable warehouse damage, they will also help you prevent human suffering! Crashes on racking are among the most common workplace accidents. Forklift operators are often under severe time constraints and have to hurry. A crash against a rack is therefore an accident waiting to happen, and the...
Boplan Flex Impact Column protection

The best protection for load-bearing pillars and columns

Our FLEX IMPACT® column protectors can be deployed as protection for walls, corners and structural columns. After all, collisions can endanger the long-term stability of your building’s entire construction. But also the unappealing sight of damaged concrete, walls and infrastructure after multiple collisions can be harmful to your...
Innovative safety gates forces people to stop before proceeding

Innovative safety gates forces people to stop before proceeding

Our FLEX IMPACT® range of innovative safety gates have found their way in workplaces around the world! While employees can choose to ignore a stop sign, they have to stop before a closed gate! The action of having to stop and open a gate, actuall makes them aware of their environment and the need to look out for incoming traffic. Install gates...
kick rails wheel stoppers

Absorb impacts that take place low to the ground

Our kick rails are ideal for protecting walls and skirting boards from impacts that take place low to the ground. They also act as wheel guides or stoppers for light-wheeled objects such as pallet trucks and trolleys. As well as our kick rails, we also offer a specially designed wheel stop which prevents vehicles from overshooting their parking...

Loading Dock Protection

Loading docks are associated with several risks. A driver may make an assessment or control error or lose control of the steering wheel in certain weather conditions. This may seriously damage both the lorry or trailer and the loading dock and doors and the repairs are often hugely expensive.You can avoid these high costs by installing Dock...

Protective bumpers

TEDDY PRO is a flexible and shock-absorbing profile made from PU you can use for numerous applications. These profiles allow perfectly to protect employees against corners and sharp edges of racks or other constructions. In addition, this kind of wall bumper offers protection to minimize damage caused by carts or trolleys. This way you not only...
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  • Flex Impact®

    Modular safety barriers made from flexible polymer

    With FLEX IMPACT®, we provide industrial-grade fall and impact protection manufactured from thick-walled, reinforced plastic elements. In contrast to the classic iron and steel systems used for crash protection, FLEX IMPACT® provides increased impact resistance, even at high collision speeds. At the slightest impact, these security elements will bend and then take on their original shape again.

    Flexible, durable and eco-friendly crash protection

    FLEX IMPACT® is a series of flexible crash protection systems that return to their original shape and appearance after impact. After a collision, no repairs are needed and there is no need for installing new components again. In addition, the elements will not have been ripped out of their anchor points during collision, leaving the concrete floor intact. The materials are light and easily transportable and need no treatment or painting. In short, our FLEX IMPACT® security systems provide durable, eco-friendly protection for people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructures.

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