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  • teddy pro bumper

    Anyone working in a warehouse or distribution centre has been there. You are keen to quickly get something from a rack, and your head hits the frame. Just what you needed on a Monday morning. We know how you feel, which is why we are introducing the brand-new TEDDY PRO: a flexible profile with a wide range of applications.

    The TEDDY PRO has 4 layers with polyurethane foam as the main component....

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  • Racking Protection

    One of the biggest risks towards staff, in any warehouse environment, is injury from a racking collapse that could cause a domino effect. Whilst racking is usually secure enough to prevent this from happening, collisions with vehicles and machinery still present a risk. All it takes is for one mistimed manoeuvre or another simple mistake for the racking to be brought down.

    This poses an obvious...

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  • Racking Protection

    For health and safety managers, no concern is greater than ensuring the utmost has been done to provide a safe working environment. From our years of industry experience, we’ve learned there is nothing more important than employee and people safety. Protecting staff, members of the public and a business’ assets from harm is principal to succeeding in the role. For warehouse safety managers,...

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  • When working in an intense environment such a factory, there is an underlying need for stringent safety measures. This ensures the protection and safety of everybody involved in the factory’s day-to-day running. One safety measure that can be implemented with many benefits included are pedestrian safety barriers.

    Safety barriers are handy in a number of scenarios and we have compiled a useful...

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