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safety barriers warehouses, transport and logistics

Rack protection for stackable racks and impact protection for loading bays

Rack protection for stackable racks, impact protection for loading bays, and protection for pedestrians and vehicles in the workplace are just a few examples of where our safety equipment is used most frequently to create a safe working environment.

safety barriers for Supply chain, distribution and packaging

Protection of packaging machines, pillars or columns

Protection for packaging machines, pillars or columns: physical barriers for workplace zones

Boplan Flex Impact machine protection safety barrier

Protection of large machines and conveyor belts

Safety measures for large machines and conveyor belts and physical barriers around high-risk danger zones in the workplace are just a few examples of where our polymer FlexImpact impact protection can be found. 

safety barriers airport

Protection against baggage handling carts, shuttle or golf carts

Boplan’s polymer FlexImpact impact protection systems are ideal for any airport area where baggage carts, shuttle carts or golf carts need to drive. Protection for baggage handling and conveyor belts is in high demand in the airport industry.

safety barriers in petrochemical industry

Impact protection in toxic, high-saline & corrosive environments

Fall and impact protection has to be chemical-resistant in these extremely demanding environments, where toxic substances are frequently used. Offshore drilling platforms, for example, benefit from our extremely weather-resistant safety products, made from polymers that can handle high-saline & corrosive environments.

safety barriers food industry

Impact protection in industrial refrigerator and freezer rooms

Hygiene is vital in the food industry. Our FlexImpact impact protection systems must be completely resistant to rust & corrosion. Boplan safety equipment made from synthetic polymers is perfect for extremely demanding environments, even in large industrial refrigerator and freezer rooms in the food industry.

Our clients

  • "Easy installation and very effective protection!"

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  • "We know that we are better served with this type of railing over bolted down steel framing."

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  • "Everything was a success and the factory is taking a liking to it very well! We are extremely satisfied with the product here at Gerber."

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