Racking Protectors are a Great Way to Protect Your Staff

17 January 2018 in Health and Safety Racking Protection racking collapse
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One of the biggest risks towards staff, in any warehouse environment, is injury from a racking collapse that could cause a domino effect. Whilst racking is usually secure enough to prevent this from happening, collisions with vehicles and machinery still present a risk. All it takes is for one mistimed manoeuvre or another simple mistake for the racking to be brought down.

This poses an obvious hazard for any staff members working below the racking at the time. While it is all but impossible to completely prevent accidents from happening in the first place, we can at least try and limit the impact when such accidents occur. One solution is to limit the damage and amount of energy expensed during a collision – this can be achieved with the use of effective Flex Impact safety barriers

Effective Barrier Protection

Our racking protectors will create clearly defined physical and visual barriers that help to protect your warehouse racking from collisions. This in turn helps to protect your staff from injury, while also helping to protect valuable items and equipment from damage. As important as it is to help ensure your staff are as safe as they can possibly be, it is also important to help protect valuable items. With our racking protectors acting as an effective blockade, the workplace will be a much safer place for all of your staff.

Modern Solutions

A lot of research has been conducted into the physics behind physical impacts and how best to absorb the energy created. We ourselves have come up with ever advancing solutions to limit the damage caused. Modern polymers now help to spread the energy of a collision and absorb the shock of an impact.

These solutions and materials are used in our racking protectors to help ensure that the impact of a collision is minimised as much as possible. On impact, the barrier will flex to help absorb the energy being transferred, while still preventing a collision with the racking. This also makes an impact less uncomfortable for staff members, helping to prevent injuries like whiplash.

A Worthy Investment

Of course, with the installation of a new safety feature comes an initial outlay and a cost to your business. However, safety is invaluable and having protection in place could save you lots of further expenditure for years down the line. If you decide not to have racking protection installed, you may end up paying a great deal more in the aftermath of an accident.

The protection that our products offer your staff, stock items and equipment helps to make racking protection a very worthy investment indeed.