Flexible Safety Barriers for demanding environments.

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Modex 2020

#MODEX2020 is the leading trade fair in the US for supply chain, production and distribution.In Atlanta, Georgia, BOPLAN® introduced at the beginning of March the following novelties:

the fully redesigned SG Swing Gate 2.0 safety gatethe TEDDY PRO shock-absorbing profiles for fast, flexible and effective protectionthe all-new ICE FLEX® range of freeze-resistant plastic collision protection,...

31 March 2020 in News
teddy pro bumper

Anyone working in a warehouse or distribution centre has been there. You are keen to quickly get something from a rack, and your head hits the frame. Just what you needed on a Monday morning. We know how you feel, which is why we are introducing the brand-new TEDDY PRO: a flexible profile with a wide range of applications.

The TEDDY PRO has 4 layers with polyurethane foam as the main component....

11 March 2020 in News
Swing Gate safety gate

A warehouse or distribution centre is a hub of activity. People and vehicles move along aisles or cross intersections at a fast pace. Everyone is highly focused... but mainly on their own activity. As a consequence, people sometimes end up in zones with a high density of fork lift traffic, resulting in a genuine risk of collisions and grievous injuries. With the SG Swing Gate 2.0 these risks are...

6 March 2020 in News
Ice flex protection

Acting rashly in exceptional circumstances is a tried and true recipe for accidents. However, in some industries there are no other options. Take the food industry, for instance. Much of the work in this industry takes place in refrigerated rooms, or even in sub-zero environments. Fortunately our Boplan safety products provide protection where it is most needed!

Processing and storing...

6 March 2020 in News
  • "Easy installation and very effective protection!"

    Maintenance Group Leader

    Boplan client: Dow Chemical logo
  • "We know that we are better served with this type of railing over bolted down steel framing."

    Warehouse Manager
    Tetra Pak

    Tetra Pack logo
  • "Everything was a success and the factory is taking a liking to it very well! We are extremely satisfied with the product here at Gerber."

    Warehouse Manager

    Boplan client: Nestlé logo
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