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Safety Barriers in the Food Industry

Food; everybody needs it so it makes sense that food production, food storage and food distribution is a vast industry.

25 April 2017 in News

Flexible Safety Barriers in your Workplace

What is strong but flexible, designed for maximum visibility and minimum maintenance, innovative and versatile, and can be used for a number of di

18 April 2017 in News

Scotland Health and Safety Barrier Exhibition

5 April 2017 in News

Chemical Factory Safety Barriers

Question: Why can you never trust atoms?

24 March 2017 in News
  • "Easy installation and very effective protection!"

    Maintenance Group Leader

    Boplan client: Dow Chemical logo
  • "We know that we are better served with this type of railing over bolted down steel framing."

    Warehouse Manager
    Tetra Pak

    Tetra Pack logo
  • "Everything was a success and the factory is taking a liking to it very well! We are extremely satisfied with the product here at Gerber."

    Warehouse Manager

    Boplan client: Nestlé logo
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