Do Your Safety Bollards Offer Solid and Reliable Asset Protection?

14 December 2017 in Health and Safety Safety Bollards
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Within any industrial or factory environment, there is likely to be some assets that require protection from accidents, such as; gates, loading docks and entrances/exits. In many cases, heavy machinery such as forklift trucks are used, and these could potentially cause a great deal of damage. Delivery vehicles such as trucks and lorries may also be present, adding to the potential risk, and even hand-pulled pallet trucks could potentially cause some destruction. With the right safety bollards in place, however, you can protect your assets from damage even in a busy industrial environment and disable the possibility to cut corners.


Comprehensive Solutions

At Boplan, we will provide a comprehensive solution that helps ensure that all of your valuable assets are protected as much as they can be. With a range of safety bollards that have been designed specifically for the purpose, we are able to help keep your assets and your personnel as safe as they can be. In addition to helping to fulfil your moral obligation to the safety of your client’s property and to your personnel, our products will also help to ensure that your legal obligations are fulfilled to all expectations.


Shock Absorbing Bollards

Our products are designed to be flexible in order to absorb and distribute the energy that is created on impact. This helps to ensure that no permanent damage is caused to the fittings, and that they remain fully functional even after a collision has occurred. This means that not only do our safety bollards continue to provide safety, there is also no need to make further financial layouts to have the installation repaired or replaced.

The flexible barriers will simply revert back to their original shape, so you would barely even notice that there had been an impact at all. In addition to the ability to absorb shock to avoid damage, our products are also resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion. Made from durable polymers, they are suitable for use even in heavy industrial settings, and are also resistant to spills of corrosive materials. Weatherproof, our safety bollards are also suitable for use in outdoor settings.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only do our safety bollards help provide the physical protection that you need, they also do so while being aesthetically pleasing. Our neat and tidy installations will complement your property well, while also providing clear visual barriers to help ensure that people and assets remain where they should be at all times.