Infographic: Keep forklift trucks and pedestrians separate

4 November 2015 Forklift Barriers
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Avoid work accidents involving forklift trucks and other heavy vehicles in the workplace

We cannot repeat this enough! There are still too many accidents at work involving pedestrians being crushed under or between vehicle(s). Such accidents are horrible and can have catastrophic consequences: serious injuries with long-term disability, invalidity or, at worst, even a fatality as a result.
Personal suffering cannot be offset by compensation. But the material damage to the employer cannot be underestimated either. The production process is delayed or perhaps even shut down. There will be time-consuming labour inspections, a lot of time loss, the company suffers from serious image damage and the costs are considerable.


Boplan, a total solution for more safety in the workplace

With its robust and physical security products that demarcate the traffic zones from the pedestrian areas on your sites, Boplan helps you to avoid crushing accidents with forklift trucks. Along with our robust fall protection, floor marking and various non-slip solutions, we can offer a total solution for more safety in the workplace. Thanks to our years of experience in various industries, we are able to continuously expand our range of safety products. An overview …  


AXES GATE – Industrial safety gates and fall protection safety products

The industrial safety gates, the AXES GATE series, were the first Boplan products and which have now been perfected to the smallest detail. They are very easy to install and are maintenance free once installed.
The feedback Boplan has collated over the years from various industries has been included in further development and perfection of the system. AXES GATE is just one of the many innovations within the total safety solutions package proposed by Boplan for more safety at work.


FLEX IMPACT – Modular and highly shock-absorbing collision protection

FLEX IMPACT® has an extensive modular array of safety systems that are specifically designed to create a safe working environment in an economically responsible manner. Those who follow safety at work will do their utmost to ensure optimal protection of personnel, equipment, goods, buildings and infrastructure. FLEX IMPACT® forklift barriers are specially designed from flexible polymer, which is extremely impact-resistant, flexible and shock-absorbing. All our safety systems have been extensively tested over a long period of time in order to meet the strictest safety standards. During any kind of impact from a collision, the material simply bends flexibly and then returns to its original form. . The unique thing is that our safety systems fully retain both their look and their characteristics. FLEX IMPACT® has a modular design so that the individual elements can easily be inserted. If necessary, each element can be replaced individually. This approach allows us to offer a durable safety product with a significant impact on cost-reduction.


XTRA GRIP – Durable anti-slip solutions for the prevention of slips and falls.

With XTRA GRIP, we offer various anti-slip solutions preventing falls and slips in the workplace and in public buildings. Falls by slipping is still the second leading cause of all accidents in the workplace or in public spaces and buildings. The consequences can range from fear and shame to fractures and serious injuries. Anti-slip stairs and floors are still the most effective form of prevention. XTRA GRIP consists of a series of technological solutions to limit as much as possible the risk of slipping in different risk situations. In our range of anti-slip materials, you will certainly find the most appropriate anti-slip solutions for steps, ladders, landings, walkways, platforms, gangways, work platforms, access ramps, industrial floors and many other slip risk environments. All our XTRA GRIP solutions feature a tread consisting of several layers of rigid plastic with durable moulded anti-slip aggregate that will not come loose from regular traffic. Even in a wet state, the aggregate retains its safe, reliable, anti-slip effect. XTRA GRIP stands for a durable, impact-resistant and maintenance-free anti-slip tread that makes any kind of fall due to slipping impossible.