Pedestrian Safety Barriers – Keep Your Factory Compliant

6 September 2017 in Health and Safety Boplan Health & Safety Flex Impact Safety Barriers Pedestrian Safety Barriers impact safety barriers factory safety barriers

What makes a happy, enjoyable working environment? Is it a positive attitude? Staff morale? Or maybe the knowledge that everyone within that environment is safe to work there? Boplan wants to ensure that you’re able to keep your workers safe and happy, all whilst keeping your factory compliant with safety regulations. Read on to see how this can be achieved!

The Stats Don’t Lie

In 2009/2010, over 8,500 work related accidents in warehouses and road haulage industries were reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and local authorities. Out of those 8,500 reports, almost 1600 were categorised in the “major injuries” area.

Granted, this report is nearly seven years old and although the regulations have improved significantly, it is still a haunting statistic. That’s why we at Boplan want to make sure that your business is operating within the laws of safety regulations – especially when it comes to protecting your pedestrian workers.

Introducing the FLEX IMPACT®

To give you a helping hand in maintaining an outstanding level of protection, we give you the FLEX IMPACT safety barrier. Constructed from recyclable and sustainable plastic, this barrier offers you an adaptable level of protection suitable for various different industry purposes. Moulded in polypropylene, the FLEX IMPACT is corrosion and chemical resistant.

Its main purpose is to absorb the shock of an impact, therefore minimising the harm and damage inflicted upon an industrial vehicle and the driver behind the wheel. What makes this possible is the polymer material enveloping the impact and distributing it amongst its own body, rather than the vehicle absorbing the shock itself.

What This Means for You

We understand that different businesses require alternate levels of safety, although the basic foundations of safety in the workplace should be the same across the board. For that reason alone, we have a diverse choice of safety barriers available to you to choose from. It is important, however, that you choose a barrier that best fits the purpose you are installing it for. For example, if your vehicle fleet is of a heavier make and model, then lightweight impact safety barriers will not serve the purpose you want it to.

It has to be said though that the majority of our factory safety barriers are adaptable and interchangeable. This means you will always be one step ahead in keeping your factory compliant and constantly adhering to your promise of protection towards your workers. After all, a safe employee is a productive employee.

What is My Responsibility?

As a business owner, you should always be aware of what is happening within your company and more importantly, if there are any potential hazards to avoid. You can do this simply by walking around your workplace and identifying any potential hazard zones.

Once you have completed this, you can now think about what implications you’re going to put in to make sure the risk of harm is as low as is physically possible. If your business has any vehicle fleets operating within the same zone as pedestrian workers, that’s where FLEX IMPACT pedestrian safety barriers may come of good use to you.

Remember, the worker’s responsibility is to be knowledgeable of the company’s Health and Safety Policy – it is your responsibility to make sure it is as clear for them to understand. It is also paramount that the measures installed ensure the lowest level of risk for your workers.

Like to Know More?

If, after reading this, you think your business could benefit from a safety barrier, then please do give us a call on 01902 824 280. We are on hand to listen to your safety requirements and would be more than happy to help you act upon them.