New in the Flex Impact-range: The Safety Totem

31 August 2021

The Safety Totem is the latest addition to our Flex Impact range of polymer safety products. The totem is the optimal signalling and protection solution on work sites, both indoors and outdoors. With this safety solution, dangerous obstacles are effectively and efficiently shielded from forklifts, trucks, bulldozers and other heavy rolling equipment.

With its striking yellow colour and a height of 2m40, the Totem is clearly visible from afar. Even lorry drivers, who often lack the necessary overview of their surroundings, will now be warned in good time of possible collision hazards.

Because every location has its specific dangers and risks. a message is communicated on the front of the Safety Totem that is adapted to the location. From speed limits to injunction signs, the Safety Totem is customised to your liking! Finally, black show the right direction to passing vehicles.


What can you expect from the Safety Totem?

Extra Large

Clearly visible design of 2m40 (H), even from a truck cab

Yellow colour

Made from UV-resistant yellow polymer for maximum visibility

Replaceable black arrows

For indicating where the totem should be passed


with possibility for displaying a personalised message depending on the situation (1030mm H x 1370mm W)


Can be filled with water for increased stability in extreme weather conditions

Special recesses

For easy transport with forklift truck


The Safety Totem is specially designed for use in:

  • Loading and unloading platforms
  • Transport and logistics centres
  • Distribution centres
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Workplaces with vehicular traffic
  • Places that require special attention