Single Axes vs Double Axes – Which Ticks Your Box?

16 November 2017 in Health and Safety Safety Gates Health & Safety
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Not everybody is a fan of heights. There’s just something about being up where the air is clear and looking down that makes some people feel queasy. The easy answer for people like that is to simply avoid being off the ground!

But for some people, it’s their job. Pylon workers, pilots and even warehouse workers will at some point, during the average working day, work off the floor and in mid-air. The key to their safety? Reassurance and the right equipment!

Double Trouble – For the Greater Good!

A double axes gate is specifically designed to protect those working above floor level, especially dangerous openings at the top of ladder cages. It is important when working at height that you have an adequate level of protection to prevent hazardous or dangerous situations. The sturdy, robust material used in this products construction will ensure your safety at all times. The self-closing mechanism means you no longer have to check the position of the gate either, so let your OCD rest assured!

You have the option upon installation whether you require the gate to open to the left or to the right. You can also adapt the automatic closing strength of the gate by simply stretching the spring without the need for tools. With a variety of lengths ranging from 550mm to 1200mm, you’re guaranteed a modular, perfect fit for wherever you require the gate to situate.

Sometimes Single is Good!

On the other hand, a single axes gate is meant for floor purposes. This is simply because of the way it is manufactured and the design of the gate – it is not designed to keep workers safe at height. The gate’s self-closing mechanism means that the risk of an employee leaving the gate ajar is removed, therefore improving safety all round and minimising the likelihood of a potential hazard scenario.

As with the double axes gate, you have the option at the point of installation whether you want the industrial safety gate to open to the left or right. With different lengths available, we’re always tailoring our products to your needs.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Here at BoPlan, we’re here to ensure that your business can reach its safety potential, whilst saving you money in the process of not having to carry out repairs. If you’re interested in investing in either a single or double axes gate, or even both, give us a call on 01902 824 280.

One of our team members will be more than happy to talk about the range of products we have available, allowing you to protect your business and most importantly – the staff!

Products used

Industrial safety gate as fall protection or access to machinery

Falling from a height is a real risk in industrial environments. The DOUBLE AXES GATE prevents stepping or falling into an opening by securely closing it.

Industrial safety gate as access to machinery

The SINGLE AXES GATE is designed to restrict access to hazardous zones and machinery on ground level.