The original Polymer Guard Rails for VF’s newest DC

4 August 2016 Forklift Barriers

Polymer Traffic Barriers and Rack End Protectors

North Carolina based VF, distributors of brands such as The North Face, Timberland and Reef, were building their latest state-of-the-art distribution center. Their challenge was to separate their brand new building, racking systems, conveyer belts and workforce from the dangers of fork lift traffic.

They wanted to protect their investment using guard rails, yet also wanted a solution that would retain its strength and esthetics over time, while alleviating the maintenance and repairs that come from using traditional barriers.

VF had worked with Boplan before and knew the advantages of using polymer for providing safety. Polymer absorbs the forklift impact and returns to its original shape after impact, without damage to itself or the floor. We worked with the facilities manager and performed full safety audits of their layout. As a result, we installed customsized polymer Rack End Protectors and Traffic Barriers throughout, offering protection to their uprights, conveyor belts and machines. It is however the Traffic Barrier Plus, a hybrid offering the strength of a traffic barrier with the height of a hand rail, that enabled them to create walkways to outline pedestrian flow, while having the ability to withstand forklift impacts. Boplan equipped VF’s brand new DC with a state of the art guard rail system that is strong, esthetically pleasing and maintenance free. For VF, paintjobs and concrete repairs are a thing of the past!. 

Features and Benefits

  • Polymer guard rails absorb impact and return to their original shape after impact
  • Alleviate paint jobs, replacements and concrete repairs
  • First ever industrial barrier to be tested by accredited barrier testing agency
  • Tested to withstand impacts of 6000 lbs trucks moving at 11 mph!