Dock Bumper: collision protection for loading docks

23 September 2019 in Product Support dock bumper loading dock Safety Barriers collision protection
  • Dock Bumper, anticollision protection for loading docks

Warehouse staff and truck drivers see it with their own eyes over and over again: trucks that are hitting the loading dock during a manoeuvre. Entering a loading dock will always be a tricky operation: visibility is far from optimal and drivers do not always hear the people who are trying to warn them.

Loading docks are associated with several risks. A driver may make an assessment or control error or lose control of the steering wheel in certain weather conditions. This may seriously damage both the lorry or trailer and the loading dock and doors and the repairs are often hugely expensive.

You can avoid these high costs by installing Dock Bumpers: robust, wear-resistant loading dock protectors in polyurethane. Polymer Dock Bumpers are far more resistant to wear, cuts and tears than the conventional EPDM rubber products on the market. Dock Bumpers are also reinforced with an integrated, galvanised metal plate. The Dock Bumpers’ size and striking colour result in extra visibility and safety during docking.


  • Robust design with shock absorbers
  • Superior resistance to wear, cuts and tears
  • Integrated galvanised metal plate
  • Long lifespan
  • No mechanical components
  • Resistance to chemicals and oils
  • High visibility for extra safety
  • Quick and easy installation (only 2 attachment points)
  • Easy replacement (concrete screws, no chemical anchoring)


  • Loading and unloading platforms
  • Distribution centres
  • Transport and logistics centres
  • Warehouses and storage facilities

You can avoid high repair costs with a small investment in Dock Bumpers. Contact our team for any further practical information. Our staff will be happy to help you.