4 November 2019 in Product Support HP GRILL Traffic barriers
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Warehouses or distribution centres are often a maze of racking with a lot of fast-moving foot traffic. Accidents with falling goods can happen in an instant but fortunately they are easy to avoid. With the modular HP GRILL you are no longer at risk from goods falling from racks.

In zones without forklift traffic the HP GRILL can act as a separation between foot traffic and stacked goods. The modular character of this safety product makes it easy to deploy quickly within pedestrian zones. It can be integrated as part of a larger safety construction or used as stand-alone protection, either temporarily or permanently.

The distance between the rails can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the individual products that are stacked. For instance, you can opt for a set-up with a centre-to-centre distance of 275 or 550mm between the rails. The HP GRILL with centre-to-centre distance of 275mm between the rails starts from 4 rails and can be expanded with 5 rails to a maximum of 9 rails. The version with centre-to-centre distance of 550mm between the rails starts from 3 rails and can be expanded up to a height of 5 rails. Both versions have a maximum height of 2.80m.

Naturally the HP GRILL boasts the same superior DNA as our other safety products:


The HP GRILL can be integrated into a broader safety construction. The modular construction of the HP GRILL lets you finish the impact protection of your company one zone at a time or it can be expanded if and when necessary.


Easy to transport without compromising on impact resistance.


These safety products require little or no maintenance and in those rare cases where replacement or repair is necessary the cost involved is minimal.

Optimum visibility without painting

Boplan’s safety barriers already have a striking colour so additional painting is not necessary.

Moisture, UV and chemical-resistant

Contrary to steel crash protection systems, this type of safety barrier is not subject to rust and is impervious to moisture or chemical substances. As a result, synthetic safety barriers are the logical choice for environments where hygiene is key, such as the food industry.

In short, the HP GRILL guarantees that employees can walk among the warehouse racking without risk of injury. Would you like to learn more about this safety product? Contact us at the earliest opportunity!