Health & Safety: Our Flexible Safety Barriers Are Externally Tested

15 February 2017

Tests performed by Transpolis and TÜV Nord

Boplan impact results of Flex Impact safety barriers are scientifically proven by an extensive series of professional impact tests coordinated by the renowned accredited laboratory Transpolis (France, ISO 17025). (with stakeholders like Renault, Polaris Inc. USA, etc.)

In close collaboration with Dr. Edmondo Di Pasquale, with a Ph.D. from Princeton University (USA) and Professor at the extinguished university of Valenciennes (France), Boplan effectively offers scientifically based impact results and is able to do custom impact simulations on its safety barrier range.

Boplan continues to test its products to the extremes in every kind of situation. Having acquired positive test results using the renown TÜV Nord labeled voluntary tests on multiple of its products such as RackBull rack protectors, Single and Double Axes Gates, etc.

Any customer following Boplan expert advice in choosing the right safety product for the right risk situation can be absolutely rest assured of workplace safety and high impact resistance results. Boplan has the scientific reports to support this.

Looking to purchase safety barriers?

Don’t make the common mistake of choosing a cheaper and lighter alternative when looking for safety barriers that effectively need to stop several ton’s of moving traffic. Safety should not have a price tag.

For those unfortunate purchasers who think they’ll get away with it, they’re wrong. The costs of a barrier having insufficiently protected employees or machines is far higher than the initial money saved when purchasing the lighter version of a barrier solution. We’ll not elaborate on the costs of a damage claim by an employee who suffered an accident or the costs of production delays due to impacts on machines guarded by light barriers that were unable to stop the danger.

Prep yourself, being the safety & health expert, spot this kind of dangerous sales behaviour. Misleading cheaper proposals of light barriers versus heavier counterparts.

Misleading safety barrier price offers

The amount of mid-posts over a certain barrier length are minimized, reducing the price but increasing the distance rails need to cover. Therefore resulting in a heavily decreased impact resistance and not conform the standards.A lesser amount of horizontal tubes or rails. Do realise there exist single, double & triple handrails and safety barriers. You should compare apples with oranges.The safety barriers have not been tested by external experts/companies like TÜV Nord or Transpolis.The amount of installation days and workers has been minimized. They’re not certified and not even employees of the company selling you the barriers. Compare this part in the offer on a similar bases.The barrier consist of a lot more separate parts. These risk being extra vulnerabilities to break/defect or in need of replacement sooner or later. More parts means higher production costs, reflecting in higher prices and complexity.

We see this happening far too often in the market. An informed man is worth two.

Products used
Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 400 Double Plus

Robust barrier for pedestrian zones to protect from collisions with heavier vehicles

The TB Double Plus is a double traffic barrier with extra handrail that goes the extra mile in shielding pedestrians from collisions involving vehicles.

Flex Impact Handrail HP Plus

Fortified pedestrian barriers in zones where a great deal of manoeuvering takes place in traffic zones

The HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT® handrails.

Fall protection and restricted access to hazardous zones

The Double AXES GATE is specifically developed as fall protection for cage ladders and work platforms.

Industrial safety gate as access to machinery

The SINGLE AXES GATE is designed to restrict access to hazardous zones and machinery on ground level. 

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A strong guardrail protecting people against forklift impacts

The FLEX IMPACT® TB Plus polymer guardrail is a hybrid between our TB 400 single-tube guardail and our HP Plus handrail.

Flex Impact Traffic Safety Barrier TB Triple Super

Extra-tough collision protection from heavy traffic with a high-impact risk

The TB Super Triple is the ultimate in protection for collisions in Boplan’s FLEX IMPACT® array.

Flex Impact Rackbull Rack Protector

RackBull, the universal rack protection that fits all racking

The RackBull from Boplan is an innovative rack protection system within the FLEX IMPACT® range, to help prevent rack collapse due to crashes.