BOPLAN® introduces the "Safety Totem" for cycling events

24 February 2020 in Sporting events barbasport sport event cycling cycling competition
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The Safety Totem is the newest safety solution from BOPLAN® and specially designed for cycling races. The plastic (polymer) totem of 2m40 high is used for the first time during the E3 BinckBank Classic race in Belgium on March 27, 2020. Obstacles on the course are now clearly indicated and secured. Risks of collision and injury are drastically reduced, both for participants as for event marshals and co-workers.

Due to its striking yellow color, its height of 240 cm, a pulsating flash light at the top and an auditory warning signal, the totem primarily has a signalling function. For example, participants are warned from afar for potential dangers (traffic islands, lane separators, road narrowings, traffic signs, etc.) on the course. In addition, large black arrows indicate on which side the obstacle must be passed. In the event of a collision, the risk of physical injury is drastically reduced by the impact-absorbing plastic material from which the totem is made.

A number of recent incidents painfully revealed that a more co-ordinated and thorough approach towards prevention and safety during cycling races is absolutely paramount. As a result, adequately securing the course has become a priority for every race competition organizer. The use of human marshals in critical places on the course revealed to be insufficient in a number of cases. As a result, both the cyclist and the event marshals run the risk of serious injury due to a collision.

For over 20 years, BOPLAN® has been developing and producing innovative solutions in the field of polymer collision protection for industrial, logistical and production environments. Under the name "Barba Sport", the company now offers its expertise to the benefit of the sports world, with the mission to increase safety during sporting events and to avoid serious accidents.

The collision protector pads of BOPLAN® were first introduced during the 2019 E3 BinckBank Classic race in Harelbeke (B). They were deployed at 65 critical places along the course. This first collaboration turned out to be a hit and was considered very valuable by all parties involved:

  • the organizer who enjoys extra peace of mind at the start of the event
  • cyclists, race marshals and signalmen who are better protected
  • BOPLAN® who can live up to its social commitment by sharing its expertise to the benefit of (cycling) sport

This year, the organization of the E3 BinckBank Classic is taking a next step in safety and prevention: in addition to the collision protection pads, 30 to 50 of the new BOPLAN® Safety Totems will be deployed at critical locations. These "signal givers with super power" ensure next-level security. Human marshals can then be deployed more efficiently at places where their presence offers real added value: at complex intersections, situations that require assessment, crowd management, etc.

A brief summary of the most important features of the new BOPLAN® Safety Totem:

  • high signalling value due to:
    • large size (H 240 x W 120 x D 90 cm)
    • striking color
    • audio signal up to 92 dB
    • light signal at the very top
  • arrows indicate on which side racers have to pass
  • made from impact-absorbing polymer plastic
  • designed with only round shapes, reducing the risk of collision injury
  • can be weighted for optimum stability
  • easy and fast deployment
  • equipped with a GPS tracking system

If you are organising a sporting event and you want to maximise on-site safety, make sure to contact us. We will be happy to share our expertise on the installation of impact protection.



BOPLAN® is the global market leader in high performance safety systems for industrial applications. In addition to the head office, located in Wevelgem, BOPLAN® currently has 6 own branches (France, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and North America) and works with numerous distributors. Since its foundation, 20 years ago, the group has experienced strong international growth.

BOPLAN® designs, develops and produces durable and highly efficient fall and impact protection for the most demanding environments. All safety products have only one goal in mind: the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. For the production of our safety products we use only top-quality and very high-performance plastic, the properties of which far exceed those of traditional raw materials.

The modular safety systems from BOPLAN® are the most innovative on the market and protect numerous industrial halls, warehouses, production halls, airports, drilling platforms and (petro) chemical plants worldwide.

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