Flexible protective posts just got a bit more exciting!

19 april 2017 in Health and Safety Health & Safety Flexible Safety Barriers Flexible Protective Posts Safety Bollards

Protective posts just got more exciting...

At Boplan, we’re dedicated to creating innovative safety solutions for the workplace. Our range of flexible safety bollards and flexible protective posts provide far more benefits than their metal counterparts and are being used in major companies across the globe. We’re proud of how amazing our products are but we never stop trying to find ways to make them even better. Recently, we’ve been looking at digital transformation and how we can integrate smart technology into our safety solutions. We’re delighted to announce the introduction of our BO Smart bollard. Similar to our BO Impact protective post, the BO Smart provides protection at critical collision points such as doorways, corners, access points and machines. The thing that makes our BO Smart bollard so unique is the new integrated impact sensor.


How can BO Smart benefit your business?

The impact sensor is removable and can run on batteries or via a mains connection. The sensor is wirelessly connected to a central hub and collects data on collisions twenty-four hours a day. From this data, you can analyse the frequency and severity of any impacts.The information can be viewed on mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs via a web browser. The hub will store all information relating to every collision. You receive notification by SMS or email to let you know when there has been an impact. You can then go and inspect the area and the vehicle that was involved. This eliminates the chance that incidents go unreported and means you can make an assessment of the situation sooner. The data that is collected can also help you improve efficiency. You can analyse the information to understand exactly how critical a particular point in your warehouse is. This allows you to make more informed decisions on appropriate measures such as altering traffic flows, educating drivers and increasing protection in specific areas.  


Intelligent safety barriers

The BO Smart is just the first step towards our digital transformation. We are also starting to integrate our impact sensors into other products such as our flexible safety barriers. This will allow businesses to monitor and collect collision data at every critical point, twenty-four hours a day.Having this data will help businesses to make better decisions within their existing buildings as well as enabling better planning for new warehouses and factories. Improved traffic flows and smarter systems will minimise collisions which will reduce injury to drivers and damage to vehicles and infrastructure. As a result, this will lower the costs attached to accidents. 


The future of Boplan

 Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum and it is vital that we are able to provide smart factories with safety solutions that can keep up with current trends. Our research and development department is constantly reviewing new technology and innovations.Our vision is that every one of our products will incorporate smart technologies. We are currently investigating the possibilities of sensors that can record temperatures, speed, sound and light. In the near future, we want to include round-the-clock remote monitoring services for our clients. This will allow us to monitor collisions and deploy replacements or repair teams automatically when necessary. Our goal is to give our clients complete peace of mind and these new developments are a huge step in the right direction.Our aim is to be the worldwide leaders in safety solutions and we are well on our way to achieving that. If you would like to know more about the benefits of our safety equipment and how we can create a safer environment for your employees then get in touch.