Racking Protection – Why Protecting Racking Could Save You Money

25 August 2017 in Health and Safety

If you were to look at your business, you may already have some safety measures implemented to ensure your workforce is well shielded from your vehicle fleet and other potential hazard zones. However, if you were to take a look at your racking – is that as adequately protected? If not, you could be looking at an economic crisis, where you could be kissing goodbye to thousands of pounds.

It is vital that your racking is as well protected. This is for two reasons – the main one being that racking that isn’t protected adequately is a danger to the workforce. In the unfortunate event of a collision with the racking, segments can become disjointed and could fall on pedestrian workers below.

The other reason for racking protection is to avoid the scenario in the first reason – with racking protection the vehicle collides with the barrier and absorbs the shock, before dissipating it amongst itself. No harm is caused towards your racking, the vehicle or the operator. This also means no damage occurs to your floor, which in itself is a financial life-saver!

Consider the FLEX IMPACT®

Collisions with racking and fleet vehicles are amongst the most common of warehouse accidents. The pressure that warehouse operatives are under to meet certain targets means quick manoeuvres in tight spaces and, under said pressure, can lead to these kinds of circumstances. Although the scenario is self-explanatory and somewhat limited, the consequences can be endless. Consider the domino effect, if you would. Once one rack collides with another, one by one, the end result financially could be crippling. However, you could avoid this with the installation of some FLEX IMPACT rack protectors.

With this energy-absorbing innovation, your racking will remain intact – as well as the barrier! Upon impact, the shape and appearance of the barrier returns to its original shape – like a memory foam mattress, only much more resilient. The added benefit to the FLEX IMPACT is you can relocate, adjust, adapt and build with ease; meaning there’s no such thing as over-protection! This can lead to a significant decrease in racking damage and post-collision human injuries, too.

A Choice to Suit All

There are three racking protection products within the FLEX IMPACT family. Starting with the Re Rack End, there will be no re-racking for you as the durability of this product means that even after a crash, the appearance and purpose remain intact! The perfect tool that adds that extra layer of crucial racking protection.

If you’re in need of a sturdier level of protection there is the Re Rack End with Support. A more fortified model of the existing Re Rack End, the inclusion of a sturdy mid-post means extra protection and even more durability, whilst still maintaining the appearance and purpose post-collision.

For a universal level of protection, we have the Re RackBull®. No longer will you have to search high and wide for racking protection to fit, or even go as far as ordering bespoke protectors. Our diverse, universal racking protectors are guaranteed to fit any size and shape, meaning that no-one is at risk in the event of a crash – and your racking doesn’t suffer the consequences, either!

Let’s Chat!

If you’re interested in giving your warehouse a protective makeover then we are more than happy to listen to your enquiries. We always jump at the opportunity to show businesses how our externally tried and tested safety barriers could save you thousands in potential repairs!

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