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Modular safety barriers made from flexible polymer

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Impact-resistant impact protection made of durable, flexible polymer


FLEX IMPACT® consists of a series of systems to provide crash and impact protection, manufactured from flexible polymer with high-tech, highly impact-resistant properties, even at high collision speeds. The thick-walled, fortified polymer elements bend with each impact and reform to their original shape again afterwards.

Superior properties of flexible polymer versus iron and steel

In addition to these superior impact-resistant properties, our polymer impact protection systems also have other advantages which will make it inevitable for their iron and steel predecessors to be replaced by the synthetic debutants on the market.

Flexible polymer

  • does not need to be treated or painted after installation
  • reforms to its original shape after collision and therefore does not need to be repaired or replaced
  • ensures that the anchors are not ripped out of the ground, so the concrete floor is not damaged
  • is light and easy to transport
  • consists of modular elements that are easily installed and can be easily replaced if necessary
  • is durable and cost-efficient over time

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Boplan Flex Impact traffic barriers TB Double Super

A clear and physical separation of pedestrian zones and forklift traffic


A clear and highly visible physical demarcation is the most efficient way to separate your traffic zones from the pedestrian zones in the workspace. Forklifts, Clark lifters and pallet trucks are among the most dangerous types of rolling stock in the workspace. Almost half of all victims in collisions involving such machines are pedestrians. Our FLEX IMPACT® barriers offer a simple safety precaution to separate your pedestrian zones from busy forklift traffic zones.

Avoid workplace accidents by using clear demarcation of pedestrian zones

Clearly visible FLEX IMPACT® barriers need to be installed in strategic places, at locations where forklift traffic is prohibited. These include the zones around your company restaurant, in the vicinity of your reflector, the location where you have your timekeeping administration, at the entrances, near your sanitary facilities, etc. Less logical locations would be the zones within your warehouse or outside on the company grounds, where you will have pedestrian traffic circulating alongside forklifts, vans and lorries. In these situations, it is also imperative to ensure the maximum safety of your pedestrian staff by placing clearly visible safety fences, safety posts, handrails and security gates. Indicating exclusive zones for pedestrians is best enforced within a radius of 3 meters, separated from any kind of traffic involving rolling stock such as forklifts. The best way to demarcate pedestrian zones in the workspace is by placing physical barriers.

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Boplan Flex Impact traffic barrier double TB Double Super forklift