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    Anti-slip slabs for slippery floors

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    XTRA GRIP floor slabs are an efficient anti-slip solution for all slippery floors, where you have the biggest risk for slipping. XTRA GRIP anti-slip floor slabs are often used for floors in the food industry. Our XTRA GRIP anti-slip floor slabs are available in 3 standard colors, in 3 grain sizes and at production length. On request, we also deliver the XTRA GRIP floor slabs in a different RAL color and tailored to the size you need.


    Anti-slip floor slabs for a permanent solution to prevent slipping

    XTRA GRIP floor slabs have been specifically designed to reduce risks from slippery floors to a minimum. These types of anti-slip solutions for floors are definitely preferred to classic anti-slip solutions such as anti-slip tape and paint. After all, XTRA GRIP floor slabs provide a permanent solution for slipping in the workspace and in public spaces and buildings.
    The XTRA GRIP fiberglass profiled anti-slip floor slabs have been covered in a combination of high-quality aluminum oxide and resin components, creating a highly effective anti-slip layer which is extremely resistant to all hardships inherent to commercial and industrial environments.


    Anti-slip floors are perfectly suited for the food industry

    The XTRA GRIP floor slabs are used on a grand scale in floors in the food industry. The anti-slip floor slabs are laid and fixated on the floor with a combination of glue and sealant. This ensures all edges are properly sealed so no moisture or microbes will penetrate. The anti-slip floor slabs are installed in such a way that there will be no noticeable difference in height, preventing tripping. To make installation even easier, we can pre-cut and finish the floor slabs to the desired measurements in advance.

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