Why is the FLIP that popular?

29 May 2019 in Product Support flip security plinths protection plinths modular
  • FLIP protection kick rail

February marked the world premiere of the FLIP at the Logimat Fair in Stuttgart. The unique combination of sturdiness and flexibility of this innovative protection plinth attracted immediate attention. Everywhere, people responded enthusiastically to the many possibilities offered by its modular approach and as of today, the first items are delivered to our clients.

A multinational from the German region of Baden-Württemberg takes the lead and can expect the first delivery. Already during the introduction of the FLIP, this multinational immediately saw the potential of this protection solution and therefore, it will implement this solution on a large scale to protect the walls of its factory building against loaded carts.

It is only one of the many businesses that have placed a pre-order for the FLIP between February and today. We at Boplan are very busy exporting these synthetic protection plinths to all corners of the world!

Worldwide success

The success of the FLIP can be explained by the strong advantages that go hand in hand with it. For example, the system with connection pieces provides high flexibility for protecting walls, sandwich panels and machines. This system enables you to install an uninterrupted protection plinth along a variety of objects.

Another valuable feature is the sturdiness of the plinth. The I-shaped rails and thick-walled connection pieces – at the ends and on the rails – can effortlessly absorb collisions of maximum 3,000 Joules. Because it concerns protection plinths made from ultrahigh impact polymer, they reverse to their original shape after impact. In other words, a collision does not leave a visual reminder.

The FLIP is chemical resistant and can be deployed in the most challenging environments. You can install it indoors and outdoors. Temperatures of 40°C to -10°C do not constitute any problem.

A whole range of possibilities

Thanks to its multiple possibilities, the FLIP is a prized example of collision safeguards. A wall interrupted by pillars? No problem! The FLIP winds elegantly around this pillar and this way, protects the walland the pillar.

For example, you can also install a protection zone around machines. You place the plinth around a machine or installation, creating a buffer up to ankle height. This way, rolling equipment (e.g., pallet trucks, carts, etc.) cannot come near the vulnerable parts.

You can also deploy the protection plinth to demarcate a loading/unloading zone. Using the plinths, you create a number of compartments in which you can stack your goods. The advantage of this is that the goods are stacked in a well-organised fashion and that they cannot roll or slide from one zone to another.

Looking for a versatile synthetic protection plinth? Please, do contact us. Our professional team will advise you about the possibilities and advantages for your company.