SG Swing Gate 2.0, the new standard in safety gates

6 March 2020 in Product Support swing gate Safety Gates
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A warehouse or distribution centre is a hub of activity. People and vehicles move along aisles or cross intersections at a fast pace. Everyone is highly focused... but mainly on their own activity. As a consequence, people sometimes end up in zones with a high density of fork lift traffic, resulting in a genuine risk of collisions and grievous injuries. With the SG Swing Gate 2.0 these risks are a thing of the past!

The SG Swing Gate consists of an impact-resistant safety gate with double swing action, completely made of synthetic material. Other components such as the hinge and spring mechanism and the screws are galvanized as standard and optionally available in stainless steel. This makes the SG Swing Gate suited not just for a variety of industrial applications both indoors and outdoors, but also for salty and corrosive environments e.g. in the food industry or in coastal areas. As standard the large sign comes with two bright yellow strips and there’s room for an eye-catching sticker or to post a warning.

One of the key features in terms of safety is the gate stop, which forces staff to check for danger before entering the zone. This is particularly important because many industrial accidents occur because staff are in a rush and this fraction of a second can make the difference between a negligible waste of time and severe injuries. Staff are briefly stopped in their tracks as they are forced to take the time to assess the level of risk around them. Naturally, this drastically reduces the risk of accidents. Moreover, the safety gate has an ergonomic design, eliminating the risk of injuries from sharp corners or edges.

Another asset of the SG Swing Gate that is particularly useful is its modularity. This safety gate integrates seamlessly with the HP handrail, the TB safety barrier and the BO protective bollards. Fork lift lanes can be completely cordoned off and pedestrian crossings can be fitted with an SG Swing Gate.

SG Swing Gates longer than 1.5 metre are fitted with a wheel support. The wheel support is added to the opening end of your gate and helps to reduce stress on the hinges. If you like you can also have the hinges fitted with a closing block to prevent the gate from being fixed in the open position when someone has passed through.

The SG Swing Gate is suited for myriad applications. It can be used to cordon off machines in combination with collision protection. Gangways in zones containing incoming and outgoing goods are known as high-risk areas where safety gates can be particularly useful. The same applies to aisles between elevated platforms and pedestrian zones in general.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on the SG Swing Gate and how it can help you upgrade the safety level in your organisation.As safety experts we are ideally placed to identify the critical points in your warehouse or distribution centre.