Impact-resistant security for people, vehicles & infrastructure

Boplan Flex Impact traffic barrier

Modular safety barriers made from flexible polymer

With FLEX IMPACT®, we provide industrial-grade fall and impact protection manufactured from thick-walled, reinforced plastic elements. In contrast to the classic iron and steel systems used for crash protection, FLEX IMPACT® provides increased impact resistance, even at high collision speeds. At the slightest impact, these security elements will bend and then take on their original shape a...
Boplan Double Axes Gate

Industrial safety gates for robust fall protection

The industrial safety gates in the AXES GATE series were the very first Boplan product. In many sectors, falling from a considerable height is a real possibility. The consequences of such falls can be catastrophic: serious injury, long-term disability and in the worst case even death. Personal suffering generally cannot be compensated by damage claims. The consequences for the employer should not...
Boplan Xtra Grip stairs

Prevent slipping and falling with a reliable anti-slip solution

With XTRA GRIP, we offer various anti-slip solutions for fall and slip prevention in the workspace and in public buildings. Falls due to slipping are still the second leading cause of all accidents in the workplace or in public spaces and buildings. The consequences range from a scare and embarrassment to fractures and serious injuries. Anti-slip solutions for stairs and floors are still the most...
Line Plan by Boplan

Indestructible floor markings with an undeniably professional look

LINE PLAN offers a superior system for floor markings, line markings and pictograms that spectacularly surpasses all other marking systems on the market. While the floor tape used in most alternative floor marking systems tears loose at the slightest abrupt manoeuvre with a forklift, or even if people scuff their feet over it, LINE PLAN provides unparalleled resistance to any kind of friction, but...
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  • Avoid workplace accidents by using effective safety solutions

    Personal suffering from a workplace accident cannot be adequately compensated by damage claims

    Workplace accidents in the workspace are a realistic risk in various sectors. Avoid workplace accidents by using adequate safety solutions, as the consequences can lead to catastrophe: serious injuries, long-term disability and in the worst case even death. Besides, damage claims can never truly compensate for personal suffering.

    Workplace accidents and considerable costs for the employer

    And the consequences for the employer are not to be underestimated either: the production process will encounter considerable delays or even be shut down and there will be time-consuming labour inspections. The company suffers damage to its reputation, time loss is considerable and the costs go through the roof.

    Cost-reducing safety solutions

    BOPLAN® allows you to avoid workplace accidents. Our wide range of safety products has grown over the years due to our experience in various sectors.
    The feedback which BOPLAN® has collected over years from the multitude of completed projects is always included in the ongoing process of perfecting our safety solutions. FLEX IMPACT®, AXES GATE, XTRA GRIP & LINE PLAN are just a few of the many innovations that are part of our BOPLAN® total solutions to improve safety and reduce costs in the workspace.

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