Safety Gates

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Safety gate with a sliding door

The SG Slide Gate is a safety gate that opens and closes by means of a sliding door. This safety gate is easy to install.

Dock Gate
Loading dock fall protection system

A loading dock is always a hive of activity: warehouse staff use it for stacking, loading and unloading with the support of forklift trucks bringing in or taking out the goods.

Reinforced loading dock fall protection system

The “Force” version of the Dock Gate offers a more robust protection to withstand impacts of up to 10.000 Joules.

Flex Impact safety gate SG Drop Gate
Safety gate that opens with an upward movement

The SG Drop Gate is a safety gate that was specially developed for closing off access ways that have insufficient space to install a classic swing gate.

SG Swing Gate
Safety gates with a self-closing sideways swing gate

The SG Swing Gate is a safety gate that you can swing open on both sides. It is quite common to carelessly leave open gates and access ways to hallways and machine rooms.

Safety gate BB Belt Barrier
Visually close off areas to prevent pedestrians from entering dangerous zones

The belt barrier is available in two lengths of either 5m or 10m. It allows you to quickly close off an area such as a doorway, gate or loading dock opening.