Why Yellow is the Preferred Safety Barrier Colour

1 November 2017 in Health and Safety Safety Barriers Flexible Safety Barriers Flex Impact
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When it comes to safety, the most important factor in a safety implement’s performance is the durability. It doesn’t necessarily have to look attractive so long as it serves a protective purpose. However, our flexible safety barriers here at BoPlan subvert this statement. We believe the aesthetics play a crucial role in the performance of our barriers!

Normally we wouldn’t hammer home the importance of how barriers look but we believe the visual benefits are just as life-saving as the physical benefits they provide. Read on to see exactly why yellow is the preferred colour of our safety barriers.

24/7 Visual Access

There isn’t really any point in having a safety barrier if it isn’t visible. A well-seen safety barrier can act as a comfort blanket for factory workers, knowing they are in the vicinity of possible hazards, therefore increasing their vigilance when working in that particular area.

It’s not just pedestrian workers that benefit from visible safety barriers, though. Vehicle drivers can use safety barriers as guidelines when controlling and steering their vehicle, combining this helping hand with their standard training to keep their vehicle and themselves safe at all times.

Modern Beats Traditional

Traditional steel barriers don’t possess the same visible qualities that our safety barriers do and painting steel barriers can turn them into unattractive eyesores. Also, steel barriers no longer boast the best protective qualities, as the result of a collision in a steel barrier is extensive damage to the barrier, the floor and all involved.

Our modular safety barriers are bright, vibrant and most importantly – cost effective with protective qualities that can be deemed as priceless. Upon collision, no further damage is dispersed to the floor or the vehicle/driver. The façade isn’t altered post-collision either, meaning no repair works are needed.

Barrier Makeover, Please!

Usually with traditional barriers, their limited attractive appearance tends to wear away, meaning replacements or repainting in some cases. With our safety barriers, due to the fact they disperse any energy from a collision amongst itself, they keep their appearance for a robust period of time.

That way, not only are they cost effective to install and run, but there’s no need for you to worry about repainting. Your safety barrier will remain vibrant and visible through any collision you may throw at it!

Find Out More

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