Flexible Safety Barriers – Protecting People & Equipment

18 August 2017 in Health and Safety Boplan Health & Safety Flex Impact Safety Barriers


Flexible Safety Barriers – Protecting People & Equipment

The important thing to remember when it comes to protecting your business’ assets and the occupants within is the adaptability it brings. No longer do you have to rely upon permanently-fixed applications to prevent any vehicular accidents! Boplan has a variety of flexible safety barriers to ensure that any and all people and equipment within your business are well shielded from the worst-case scenarios.


The Key Benefits of the FLEX IMPACT

We pride ourselves on distributing only the highest level of protection towards businesses up and down the country, as well as globally. Conglomerates such as Volkswagen, Ikea, and Coca-Cola have taken the decision to use our equipment to make sure every drop of fizz and every skeletal bone of their employees are kept safe and protected. But what exactly are the benefits of using a FLEX IMPACT barrier?


Avoid Floor Damage

Usually, with traditional barriers, the force upon impact is distributed back towards the source of contact, in most cases the vehicle involved in the accident, whilst also focusing on the baseplate of the barrier resulting in the floor bolts bending and cracking the concrete floor. This is not the case with flexible plastic safety barriers. With the FLEX IMPACT safety barrier, the shock is absorbed by the barrier and dissipates it amongst its own body. What this means is no force and shock is distributed towards the baseplates of the barrier, which allows the barrier to remain in place even after a collision.

This will do wonders for your floor, as the damage is minimised significantly and avoids any lengthy disruption to the warehouse floor whilst repairs are taking place. Yes, the impact a collision can have on an employee does still present itself, but that’s in the hands of your Health and Safety guidelines to appropriately treat the employee concerned. Rest assured however your floor does not absorb the shock and therefore no damage occurs.


Tried and Tested – Just Elsewhere!

A key benefit of the FLEX IMPACT range is that the barriers are excruciatingly tried and tested by the Transpolis Laboratory and TÜV Nord. We decided not to perform interior test crashes or rely upon our employees to analyse or influence the results – all of this is done externally. By working quite closely with Dr. Edmondo Di Pasquale with a PHD from Princeton University, we are ensuring ourselves and all of our customers that our barriers are built for purpose!


Self-Install Our Product!

Our safety barriers possess much more modularity compared to traditional steel barriers. This allows for easy installation which means you can save money by not having to hire somebody to fit the equipment!

Also, should a barrier need any kind of repair or maintenance, rather than removing the entire barrier, the section in question can be removed and replaced without compromising the remainder of the barrier.


Flexibility at its Best!

After reading the benefits that a FLEX IMPACT safety barrier can bring, it’s clear to see that flexibility is a key factor – the clue is in the name! Whether you’re installing barriers for your vehicle fleet or pedestrian barriers to protect your workers, you’ll see that our barriers aren’t limited in their capabilities when it comes to safeguarding your business.

We have 14 different types of safety barriers to choose from, from the lightweight TB Mini to the extra-sturdy TB Triple Super. It is down to you to decide which barrier would be best placed within your warehouse, maximising the potential that they can bring!


Don’t Delay, Protect Today!

We know that you like to ensure your business is kept safe on a swift level, so we are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our products. During the working hours, you can gladly give us a call on 01902 824 280. However, if you would like to contact us via email, outside of our working hours then, by all means, drop us an email!