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30 March 2016 safety
  • how to install flex impact Boplan YouTube video

How to install our safety products you wonder? 

It's so easy actually, the lion's share of Boplan clients choose to perform all installations by themselves. All thanks to our simple modular technology and clear manuals delivered with Boplan products upon delivery. (Also available for download on the Boplan Media Platform). However seeing someone demonstrating an installation is something so valuable... we decided to record it on video and share this with our clients.

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Select the howto install video of your choice. In a timespan of 2 short minutes you'll see a clear demonstration by our Boplan installation team. You'll be guided & explained step by step on how to install several of our Flex Impact safety barriers correctly. Nothing stops you of bringing your own smartphone or tablet with you on every installation location. Consider it as a great backup in case of doubt.

Be sure to follow our Boplan video channel for much more interesting new videos.

Products used
Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 400 Double Plus

Robust barrier for pedestrian zones to protect from collisions with heavier vehicles

The TB Double Plus is a double traffic barrier with extra handrail that goes the extra mile in shielding pedestrians from collisions involving vehicles.

Flex Impact Handrail HP Plus

Fortified pedestrian barriers in zones where a great deal of manoeuvering takes place in traffic zones

The HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT® handrails.

Flex Impact Handrail HD Mezza

Balustrade for pedestrians on mezzanine, floors and heights

The TD Mezza is an excellent choice when you are looking for a handrail for fall protection.

Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 200

Wheel guides or wheel stoppers as demarcations of a traffic zone

The TB 200 is installed low to the ground and therefore serves primarily as a wheel guide or wheel stopper.

Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 400

A strong guardrail protecting infrastructure against forklift impacts

The FLEX IMPACT® TB 400 is a tube-shaped barrier with impressive flexibility and impact resistance. 

Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 400 Plus, TB 400 Plus, TB 400 Plus, , , , , , , , , , ,

A strong guardrail protecting people against forklift impacts

The FLEX IMPACT® TB Plus polymer guardrail is a hybrid between our TB 400 single-tube guardail and our HP Plus handrail.

Flex Impact Bollard BO Impact

Protective bollards in places where collisions frequently occur

The FLEX IMPACT® BO Impact bollard is the most suitable flexible protective bollard for environments where frequent impact risks occur, such as in the vicinity of doors, access ways, corners an

Flex Impact RE Rack End with support and rotor

Fortified crash protection for racking

The RE Rack End with Support is a fortified version of the existing RE Rack End from the rack protection series in the FLEX IMPACT® family.

Flex Impact Rackbull Rack Protector

RackBull, the universal rack protection that fits all racking

The RackBull from Boplan is an innovative rack protection system within the FLEX IMPACT® range, to help prevent rack collapse due to crashes.