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  • A small and robust swing gate for use on level workfloors

    Voluntary Test Single Axes Gate TÜV Nord

    Single Axes Gate

    The Single AXES GATE is developed for floor-level applications and should not be used on elevated platforms. Employees are constantly exposed to hazardous situations and therefore need to have the best safety measures. The Single AXES GATE is a robust industrial safety gate.


    Self-closing mechanism for increased safety in the workspace

    With a solid closing mechanism, using an industrial safety gate such as the Single AXES GATE ®, you leave nothing to chance. It often happens that an absent-minded or rushed employee leaves a gate open, which could lead to hazardous situations. The Single AXES GATE makes this a thing of the past. This industrial safety gate is not only extremely solid, it also closes automatically each time someone passes through. When installing, you have a choice whether the door opens to the left or to the right. The Single AXES GATE is available in lengths of 22 to 47” customized to fit your needs.


    Plastic safety gates are strong and durable even in extreme situations

    The Single AXES GATE is manufactured from plastic, which makes it highly suited for applications in extreme conditions. Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, it is often used in extremely saline environments. And its chemical resistance means that it can be easily deployed in the vicinity of caustic chemicals, such as in petro-chemical industries.


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    Valbeveiliging voor werknemers in kooiladders en op werkplatformen
  • Reliable and robust protection

    Voluntary Test Single Axes Gate TÜV Nord

    Single Axes Gate

    Robust safety gates made of sustainable polyurethane

    Our Single AXES GATE has received wide acclaim for its very long life span. The safety gates of the AXES GATE family have been manufactured from high-quality, reinforced polyurethane (PU). This synthetic material puts the all-too-familiar problems with metal fatigue in traditional fall protection systems firmly in the past. Our safety gates are ultra-strong, robust and durable, and therefore highly reliable for restricting access to hazardous zones, machinery, etc.

    DISCLAIMER: Boplan's single Axes Gates are NOT intended to be used in any manner or application as described by 29 CFR 1910.23, 29 CFR 1926.502. Boplan's single Axes gates should therefore NOT be used as a guard at elevated heights, ladderway or to cover access to hole, etc.


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    Single Axes Gate close-up
  • Optional Adapter

    Voluntary Test Single Axes Gate TÜV Nord

    Single Axes Gate

    Our single and double axes gates have been designed for easy installation within your workplace. They can be installed on ladder cages, walls and work platforms. This small adapter allows you to safely install the axes gate hinge to a ladder cage or handrails with a round tube. This adapter is only necessary on round tube profiles. Walls, square ladder cages and angle profiles do not require this adapter for installation. This adapter is easy to fix to your axes gate.

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    Optional Adapter
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