Health and Safety: Flex Impact - Flexible Safety Barriers

8 February 2017 Flexible Safety Barriers Forklift Barriers
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Health and Safety: Flexible Safety Barriers

At Boplan, we think safety barriers are pretty exciting and, after we tell you all about our Flex Impact range, we think you will too.

Not convinced? Let us explain why we think our flexible safety barriers are definitely something worth talking about.


First we need to tell you all about what makes our flexible safety barriers so unique. For a start, they’re made of plastic. That’s right, plastic safety barriers. More specifically they’re made from a polymer which is flexible, shock-absorbent and highly impact-resistant.

Our safety barriers are equivalent in strength to their metal counterparts but lighter in weight. This makes them much easier to transport and install. On top of that they are resistant to corrosion, require minimal maintenance, and have an extremely long lifespan.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, they are fire retardant, UV resistant and chemical resistant. Plus they are designed for optimal visibility and are coloured to the core so there’s no need to keep repainting.

Our safety barriers are better for the environment too. Because they are made from polymer rather than steel they require far less heat during production which reduces the amount of CO2 created. Being lighter in weight than steel means they are lighter to ship, which reduces the amount of fuel used. At the end of their life they can even be recycled.

Probably one of the most interesting features is the active memory. Unlike metal barriers, our plastic safety barriers are designed to absorb impact and return to their original shape after a crash. In the instance of a vehicle crashing into the barrier, the damage caused to the vehicle will be far less severe than if it hit a metal barrier. More importantly, the impact to the driver is reduced, minimising any injuries.

With metal barriers the shock is often concentrated on the base plates and fixings which can cause the floor to crack when an accident occurs. Restoration can be costly and cause production to stop whilst repairs are carried out. With our flexible polymer barriers, the force of the impact dissipates throughout the body of the barrier so the base plates and fixings stay intact. This means that if any accidents do occur there will be much less cost involved.

All of our barriers come in modular designs so they can be installed exactly where required and you can keep adding more as your business needs change.

For total peace of mind we’ve tested all of our products thoroughly. They’ve also been independently tested and approved for use by Transpolis and TÜV NORD so you can be completely confident that they provide absolute protection. 

Although all of our barriers have the same modular design, they are each slightly different. That’s because we understand that every business has a slightly different requirement. It’s not about one size fits all for us. It’s about continually striving to develop the products that our customers need. We think it’s our passion and commitment to customers that sets us apart and makes us a much needed alternative to traditional manufacturers of safety products. 

So now you have an overview of what makes our safety barriers so innovative, you probably want to know which is best suited to your business. Fortunately, we have a wide selection on offer, so we’re confident we’ll have something that’s perfect for your needs.

Single Tube Safety Barriers

TB Mini

This is the smallest and lightest of our FLEX IMPACT® Traffic Barrier series but don’t let its size fool you. This light-weight barrier is remarkably impact resistant and is specifically designed to protect against light wheeled objects such as rolling containers, shopping trolleys and pallet trucks.

TB 200

This safety barrier is installed low to the ground so is often used to prevent vehicles crossing from traffic zones into pedestrian zones. Its low height makes it perfect for stopping or guiding wheels.

TB 400

This single tube safety barrier with a mid-post is the ideal choice to keep vehicles with certain impact risk within their designated zones. The small tube diameter offers effective crash protection and its resilience certainly shouldn’t be underestimated, meaning that the TB 400 is perfect as a warehouse safety barrier to prevent damage from forklift manoeuvres.

TB 550

This is the bigger brother of our TB 400 with a bigger tube diameter and fortified mid post. The reinforced design enables it to absorb the impact from even heavier crashes by heavy transport vehicles such as Clark lifters and pallet trucks.

TB Plus

The TB Plus is similar to our TB 400 but has the addition of a double handrail. This is an ideal solution for those who want to protect pedestrians against potential collisions from low impact vehicles. 

Double Tube Safety Barriers

TB Double

This double traffic safety barrier goes the extra mile when it comes to shielding pedestrians from vehicle collisions. Its parallel tubes are fortified by a mid-post and it offers excellent protection from crashes involving fast-manoeuvring forklifts.

TB Double Plus

The Double Plus is similar in design to the Double but with the addition of a handrail for extra protection. The combination of guardrail and handrail offers a high level of impact resistance, shielding your people, buildings and vehicles.

TB Double Super

As its name suggests this barrier is super protective, super resilient and generally pretty super. It is the second heaviest barrier in our range and offers exceptional collision protection against heavier vehicles.

Triple Tube Safety Barriers

TB Triple Super

For ultimate collision protection, the TB Triple Super is the perfect choice. This is our heaviest and most impact resistant flexible safety barrier. With three parallel protective tubes and a fortified mid-post this is our most heavy duty option. Ideal if business critical installations are at risk of collisions due to heavy traffic, making the perfect airport safety barrier.

All of the barriers in our FLEX IMPACT® range suit a number of business types and are designed to protect your buildings, people and machines. These lightweight barriers are modular in design making installation quick and easy. All will absorb impact effectively and then return to their original shape and appearance whilst retaining their protective properties.

Why chooseBOPLAN®?

So there you have it our fantastic range of Flex Impact Safety Barriers. We’re confident there’s a suitable solution for every type of business. With all the cost saving benefits of our innovative designs we can’t see why you’d choose anyone else for safety barriers. However, just in case you still aren’t convinced, let us tell you some more great stuff about us.

When designing our products we have one goal; protect people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. We know how important safety is in the workplace and we are dedicated to making workplaces the safest possible environments for the people within them.

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured to be sustainable and highly effective. We use only the highest quality, high performance plastics with properties that far surpass the materials traditionally used in making plastic safety barriers.

Not only do we help keep your workplace safe, our products are cost effective and more environmentally friendly. That’s great news for everyone.

The modular design of our safety barriers means installation is quick and easy. It also means you get the protection you need where you need it. You can mix and match our products as required and increase the level of protection as your company grows.

To help you get the right protection in the right places our safety experts can help you figure out the most appropriate course of action. With professional CAD drawings, detailed zone planning and high quality installation, we‘ll ensure you have the most efficient and effective safety systems in place.

Complete peace of mind

Okay, so we might have already mentioned this but we think it’s important. What business doesn’t want to have complete confidence in its safety solutions?

At Boplan, peace of mind is our key focus. We make it as easy as possible for you to make your workplace safe. From professional safety planning to easy installation to ongoing maintenance, we take care of it all.

That’s right. We take care of planning safety solutions that are tailored to your business needs and ensure that they are implemented correctly and maintained throughout their lifetime. This means that you really will have complete peace of mind.

Is the BOPLAN® FLEX IMPACT® range suitable for any business?

The simple answer is yes. Our safety barriers can be used across a vast range of industries. We’ve installed our products in food manufacturing plants, warehouses, airports, and our flex impact range have also been used as chemical factory safety barriers, plus many other workplaces.

Our Flex Impact range provides so many benefits to businesses that old style safety products don’t even compare. Rigorous testing by Transpolis and TÜV NORD means our clients can have complete peace of mind that they are choosing solutions that actually offer the protection they need.

Don’t damage your brand image or reputation by having a workspace resembling a battlefield that’s full of dented, scratched or peeling steel barriers. Our barriers help you keep your workplace bright, neat and safe. This demonstrates to employees and visitors that you are a professional business that takes safety seriously.

Unlike many of our competitors we offer complete safety solutions, from floor markings and anti-slip protection, right through to safety gates, barriers and column protectors. Many businesses take advantage of our other Boplan products to complement their safety barriers and provide an all-round safety solution. This ensures a safe and pleasant working environment for employees.

Employees who feel safe at work are happier and more productive so it’s win-win for businesses and their teams.

Want to know more?

Chocolate and beer aren’t the only exciting things being manufactured in Belgium; our flexible safety barriers are pretty exciting too. We hope we’ve given you a taste of just how passionate we are about what we do.

Our products are available to rent or lease depending which option best suits your business. We manufacture in Belgium but our products are deployed all over the world.

Hopefully you’re convinced that our Flex Impact safety barriers really are a fantastic investment for your business. The next step is to get in touch. Whether you know what you want, or would prefer to utilise our expertise in planning the best solution, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have questions about our safety barriers, or would like further information on how they can be applied to your industry, then contact a Boplan representative today. We’ll be happy to talk you through the different options available and help you decide which is best suited to your needs. If you want to talk to us face to face and see our safety barriers then come visit us at one of the many health & Safety exhibitions that we exhibit at.

If you’re interested in purchasing or leasing any of our equipment then we’ll be more than happy to assist with your requirement.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Boplan today to get the best safety systems for your business.