Health & Safety: FLEX IMPACT® - Flexible Safety Barriers in your Workplace

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Flexible Safety Barriers in your Workplace

What is strong but flexible, designed for maximum visibility and minimum maintenance, innovative and versatile, and can be used for a number of different applications?

This isn’t some kind of complicated riddle. The answer is easy; it’s our FLEX IMPACT® safety barriers.

We know it sounds too good to be true but our flexible safety barriers truly are amazing. There are so many benefits to using our safety barriers and that’s why they can be applied to such a wide range of industries.

Now hopefully we’ve got you intrigued and wondering whether they’d work for your business. Well, the answer is probably yes and here is why… 


FLEX IMPACT® is versatile

 Our FLEX IMPACT® range is made of a strong polypropylene that has strength equivalent to steel. The main difference between our plastic safety barriers and their metal counterparts is the way in which they absorb impact. 

The shock of the impact is reduced because it is dispersed throughout the barrier. This reduces damage to vehicles and minimises injuries to the driver.  

We could have made just one kind of safety barrier with this amazing ability but that’s not how we work. We appreciate that every business is unique so we made a whole range of barriers to suit different applications.  

The great thing is that all our products are modular so you can mix and match and get the right protection in the right places.   



 So far, we’ve been focusing on our flexible safety barriers but that’s not all we do. Here are some of the other products we can offer? 

Rack Protectors

Protecting racking can prevent collapse from crashes and that saves money as well as minimising inconvenience. Our Rack End and RackBull® products are designed to offer maximum protection.

Column and Corner Protection

You can protect your most vulnerable corners, load bearing columns and pillars and masts with our fantastic range of corner and column protectors.  

Safety Gates

Our innovative safety gates act as a barrier to unauthorised personnel and combined with our safety barriers can offer ultimate protection.  

Kick Rails and Wheel Stoppers

Our kick rails and wheel stoppers protect walls and skirting boards from impacts that happen low to the ground.  

Bollards and Goal Posts

A vehicle crashing into a gate or access way can cause substantial damage and long-term problems. Our bollards and goal posts minimise risk by protecting your gates and access ways. 


Our flexible handrails are designed to help separate pedestrians and vehicles as well as provide protection against falls from mezzanine floors and platforms. 

All of our FLEX IMPACT® products can be combined with our range of pedestrian safety barriers to create fully customised workplace safety solutions. 

So there you have it. Boplan offers a full range of FLEX IMPACT® safety solutions that can be combined to create the ultimate protection. We also offer other ranges of safety equipment too. In fact, our aim is to be a one-stop solution for all your safety equipment.   


Back to our Safety Barriers

Now we said earlier that our flexible safety barriers could be used in pretty much any workplace situation and that’s true. So now let us tell you all about why our safety barriers are the best choice for such a variety of industries.  


Safety Barriers for Warehouses

 Warehouses have a regular flow of vehicles and pedestrians and there are many ways in which our warehouse safety barriers can be used to protect people, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure.  

Our professional zone planners can recommend the best options for ensuring pedestrian safety, protecting storage areas from stray traffic and reducing damage to infrastructure caused by vehicle crashes.  

Our plastic safety barriers are coloured to the core so they don’t need repainting to keep them visible. Unlike metal barriers, they don’t dent or flake so your warehouse won’t look worn down and neglected.  


Safety Barriers for Factories

A vehicle crashing into one of your machines or production lines could cause severe disruption to your operations. This inevitably leads to additional costs to your business. Our factory safety barriers are modular and come in different designs to provide the protection you need, where you need it.  

Many companies across the world benefit from our FLEX IMPACT Forklift Barriers. We can help you create a safety solution that perfectly suits the needs of your business.  

Our aim is to protect your people, your vehicles, your infrastructure and your operations. The modular design of our barriers allows you to adapt and change the protection as your business evolves.    


Safety Barriers for Food Manufacturers

For the same reasons our barriers are perfect for warehouses and factories, our barriers are also ideal for food manufacturers. The added benefit here is that because our food manufacturing safety barriers are made from plastic not metal, they can withstand cold temperatures much better. 

Metal safety barriers oxidise which means repainting and maintenance costs. Our plastic safety barriers don’t rust or flake and they are coloured to the core so never need repainting. This not only reduces cost but is also far more hygienic which is why they are perfect for use in the food industry.  


Safety Barriers for Airports

Our airport safety barriers are already in use in airports around the world and for good reason. Airports have a heavy flow of traffic. All kinds of vehicles pass by buildings throughout the day and night. Our flexible safety barriers can help protect these buildings from crashes. Our safety barriers are highly visible plus they can withstand the weather elements far better than their metal counterparts. Because they are anti-corrosive they aren’t affected by the salts and de-icing chemicals that are often used in airports.   


Safety Barriers for Chemical Plants

Metal safety barriers can rust and corrode and the risk of this is increased when there are lots of chemicals around. Our chemical factory safety barriers are made of polypropylene so they are not affected by chemicals in the same way metal barriers are. 

Our plastic safety barriers are equivalent in strength to steel. They offer the same level of protection but are designed to absorb shock which reduces damage to vehicles and their drivers.  

Boplan safety barriers are being used in the chemical industry across the world. Our clients include companies such as BP, DOW and Lawter.     


Want to know more?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, our safety solutions have been designed with many different requirements in mind.

Chemical resistant, anti-corrosive, minimal maintenance, easier to transport; the list of benefits is extensive. Of course, the first priority of all our products is that they provide safety. 

To ensure your complete peace of mind we’ve had all of our products independently tested and approved by Transpolis & TÜV NORD. They are scientifically proven to effectively protect against impact.  

As well as providing, installing and maintaining our safety equipment we also help you design full safety solutions to meet the needs of your business. With professional zone planning and CAD drawings, we can ensure that you get the right levels of protection exactly where you need them.  

Because all of our products are modular they can be adapted, upgraded, added to and moved as the needs of your business change.     


What next?

We hope we’ve managed to convince you that our safety solutions are the best option for pretty much any industry. They significantly surpass traditional barriers and offer far more benefits.  

All of our products are available to lease or purchase and we are happy to discuss your requirements in detail to ensure that you get the right solutions for your needs.  

Many leading companies across the globe are already benefiting from Boplan safety products. It’s our dedication and passion for what we do that has allowed us to become so successful. We are committed to constantly developing and innovating new products and solutions to ensure ultimate safety in the workplace.  

We have Boplan representatives across the globe who are ready to help you get started with your customised safety solutions. We’re more than happy to talk you through the best options for your business.  

Health and safety isn’t everyone’s first choice for conversation but we think our flexible safety barriers are definitely worth talking about.  So if you have a question about any of our products don’t be shy, get in touch with your Boplan representative today.