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21 July 2017 in Health and Safety Health & Safety Boplan Airport Safety Barriers Flexible Safety Barriers Safety Bollards


Amazing Airport Safety Barriers

For councillors and private airport owners, security and safety are a central focus to ensure the likelihood of continuous travel, without disruption. With the congested nature of airports, accidents involving vehicles unfortunately do occur. Here at Boplan, we have a vast range of modern airport safety barrier products for you to choose from. Helping to protect your dedicated workforce as well as the dollies, chocks, refuelling vehicles, buses, aeroplanes and other vehicles in your fleet.



Our airport safety barrier options are part of our FLEX IMPACT® range, a revolutionary product innovatively moulded in polypropylene. This fully recyclable and sustainable plastic is extremely adaptable and is used for a range of products across numerous different industries. Polypropylene is also resistant to chemicals and is an anti-corrosive material.

Our state-of-the-art products are far more superior than the traditional available options. Our flexible and durable safety barriers can reduce the power of a collision and absorb the shock of an impact, captivating and minimising the damage inflicted upon the operator and vehicle. This is due to the versatile polymer material engulfing the impact and dispersing the shockwaves of the collision across it’s body. As opposed to countering the force of the impact as it hits the surface of a barrier.


Impact on Impact

Consider the impact you would feel if you hit a hammer against a block of steel. The shockwaves conducted by the force of your arm and the weight of the hammer hitting the steel block would be slightly absorbed by the steel block and then transmitted back to you via your fingertips, hand, wrist, elbow and arm.

Now, imagine the impact you would feel if you used the same hammer against a rubber block. The rubber would absorb the majority of the impact. The sensation or pain you would feel would be much less than before, when you were hitting a block of steel. Our airport safety barrier products work in a similar way.


Looking After Your Foundations

When collisions against steel barriers occur, the impact is concentrated into the barrier baseplates. This causes costly damage to the foundations of the barrier. Bolts holding the barrier into place are contorted or ejected and the concrete floor is cracked in the process. This can have a considerably negative effect on operations, as sections and routes are closed off whilst time-consuming repairs, like a resin mortar solution, are applied. The shock-absorbing ability of our barriers prevents this from happening, avoiding any damage to the floor.

Options Available to You

The FLEX IMPACT® airport safety barriers and bollards catalogue holds a diverse array of products fit for any airport needs. At Boplan, we understand that across the world, airports greatly differ in sizes and traffic. For that reason, we have 14 different safety barrier products for you to choose from with different capabilities. Our products range in capabilities but our higher specification flexible safety barriers such as the TB Double and above, finalising at the TB Triple Super, are fortified to offer maximum protection. Purposely designed for shielding against high impact collisions.

All of our products are versatile and entirely modular, offering protection to structures, pedestrian workers, expensive machinery and vehicles. Our barriers can be upgraded or moved relatively easily. We offer you the option to create a bespoke airport safety barrier system, combining and intermixing different barrier types in a single line-up. This is not a common feature in steel barrier systems.


Tested to Stringent Standards

Our products including flexible safety barriers are independently and externally tested by the Transpolis Laboratory, a European lab devoted to road equipment and innovative transportation systems. The research is being led by Princeton Universities, Dr. Edmondo Di Pasquale, who over 25 years has dedicated his career to improving research and innovation activities for his company’s customers. This means we do not conduct our own crash tests and cannot influence the independent results in any way.


Like to Know More?

If you would like to know more or are interested in purchasing any of our safety products, the friendly Boplan team are waiting to take your calls. If you would like to contact us outside of our operating hours, simply send us an email and someone will get back to you shortly.

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