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2 March 2017 in Health and Safety Forklift Barriers Health & Safety Barriers

Flexible Airport Safety Barriers

Airports are extremely busy places. As well as all the planes flying in and out, there are all the support vehicles too. Catering trucks, baggage handlers, forklifts, ground support, dollies, fuel trucks, container loaders, passenger buses; the list goes on.

With all that traffic, it’s not surprising that accidents happen. Damage to buildings, equipment and people vary in extent, as does the cost incurred.

So what can be done to prevent accidents and minimise damage and cost?

Well, we’re glad you asked because here at Boplan we have the solution…


Flexible safety barriers

Our FLEX IMPACT® safety barriers are ideal for protecting people, equipment and buildings in an airport environment. In fact, our safety solutions are already being used in many airports across the world.



Our forklift barriers are made from a flexible, shock-absorbent polymer which is highly impact resistant. When a vehicle crashes into one of our barriers, the barrier absorbs the impact and reduces the damage. Injury to the driver is minimised because they do not get the full force of the shock. After a crash the barriers return to their original shape and retain their shock absorbent properties.

Our flexible safety barriers are made from plastic, yet they have strength equivalent to that of steel. Plastic safety barriers are perfect for use in airports as they don’t rust or corrode. Salts and de-icing chemicals pose no threat to our barriers and they can withstand harsh weather conditions.


Our plastic safety barriers can save you money!

Apart from minimising damage, reducing cost and withstanding weather and chemical elements better than metal barriers, there are many other benefits too.

Our airport safety barriers are coloured bright yellow to the core. This improves their visibility but it also means they never need to be repainted which saves on maintenance costs.

The modular design makes them easy to install where required and allows for more to be added as your needs change.

All of our barriers have been independently tested so you can have complete peace of mind.


Are Boplan plastic Safety Barriers as strong as metal?

Our health and safety barriers may sound too good to be true but they really are that good. Plus you don’t have to take our word for it. Boplan barriers are already being used in airports across the world right now.

Liege airport were having problems protecting the outside of a warehouse building from damage caused by airport traffic. Our TB 400 flexible safety barriers were chosen to eliminate the problem because of their strength, impact absorbing features, visibility and resistance to corrosion and rust.

Our client was so happy with our airport safety barriers that they chose to gradually replace all of their steel barriers. We’ve even trained their team so that they can independently install future Boplan safety solutions themselves.

Other airports that benefit from our fantastic solutions are Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Brussels as well as many others.


Want to know more about our flexible safety barriers?

As well as our impact resistant plastic safety barriers we also offer a range of safety solutions to ensure that your airport is as safe and efficient as possible. Our bollards and column and corner protectors are just some of the other great products available.

Our aim is to provide a one stop solution for safety equipment. Our expert team can design, plan and implement full safety solutions for your airport. Our dedication to innovation sets us apart and has allowed us to evolve into one of the best safety companies in the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our fantastic products or would like to purchase or lease any of our equipment, contact us today. What are you waiting for?