Boplan to guarantee safety at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup

17 May 2019 in Sporting events sponsoring sport event safety buffers safety pads column protectors
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This year the international UCI Para-cycling Road World Championship is coming to Belgium! The event will be held in Ostend from 16 to 19 May. As many as 42 countries will participate in this prestigious race, with about 450 athletes! The organisation has entrusted the safety of the various courses to Boplan.

There are three courses for this event: the time trial (9km), the road race (8km) and the team relay(3km). The races are broken down into different categories (women, men, handbikes, etc.). During these 4 sensational days, more than 50 medals will be awarded!

An event of this magnitude requires a coordinated safety approach of the various courses. That is why Isomundo vzw has contracted a partner with experience and expertise in the field of safety and prevention, i.e. Boplan. For instance, reusable buffers will provide extra protection at the critical points of the courses. In the event of an accident, these pole protectors will ensure that damage is kept to a minimum.

This initiative connects seamlessly with our vision of corporate social responsibility. Safety is an unconditional top priority for Boplan. Both in companies and at events, our aim is to reduce the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Are you an event organiser who wants peace of mind while everything is in full swing? Please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts for advice. With their experience, they can point out the critical locations and suggest a suitable solution.