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> Industrial safety gates and secure fall protection

A small and robust swing gate for use on level workfloors

The Single AXES GATE is developed for floor-level applications and should not be used on elevated platforms. Employees are constantly exposed to hazardous situations and therefore need to have the...

Fall protection and restricted access to hazardous zones

The Double AXES GATE is specifically developed as fall protection for cage ladders and work platforms. When working in elevated places or in other hazardous situations, optimal fall protection is...
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  • Axes gate

    Industrial safety gates for robust fall protection

    The industrial safety gates in the AXES GATE series were the very first Boplan product. In many sectors, falling from a considerable height is a real possibility. The consequences of such falls can be catastrophic: serious injury, long-term disability and in the worst case even death. Personal suffering generally cannot be compensated by damage claims. The consequences for the employer should not be underestimated either. The production process will encounter considerable delays and may even be shut down. Time-consuming labour inspections follow in the wake of such incidents. Your company risks damage to its reputation, you lose precious time, and costs rise through the roof. That is why you need to prevent such situations by investing in solid, robust fall protection – such as the single or double AXES GATE. Over time, our industrial safety gates have been perfected down to the smallest details.


    The advantages of the AXES GATE

    Our industrial gates in the AXES GATE series are the result of 15 years of continuous production experience, which translates to perfection in the tiniest details.

    • The Double AXES GATE is EN 14122-3 and 14122-4 compliant, making it an exceptionally impact-resistant industrial safety gate.
    • Our AXES GATE safety gates can easily withstand an impact of 100 kg.
    • These industrial safety gates are manufactured from flexible plastic. At the slightest impact, they bend and then return to their original shape. The AXES GATE shows no dents or cracks, as we often see in the classic iron and steel safety products.
    • The AXES GATE is very easy to install.
    • Once installed, you never will need to maintain the AXES GATE.
    • Our industrial safety gates are self-closing. This is an important safety advantage, since a co-worker might forget to close the gate manually after going through.
    Boplan Double Axes Gate