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EV Bollards

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    Bollard to protect charging stations

    EV Bollards

    FLEX IMPACT® EV Bollard to protect charging stations against collisions

    Protecting charging stations from vehicles driving into them is not only smart, but also necessary to ensure safety and reliability. The BO125L EV and BO145L EV bollards help prevent accidents, minimize damage, maintain accessibility and promote a positive perception of electric mobility. With their visibility and impact-resistant flexibility, these bollards are the most effective solution for protecting charging stations from the impact of electric vehicles.

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    BO125L EV & BO145L EV

    EV Bollards

    BO125L EV

    • Diameter: 5" / 125 mm
    • Fixed to concrete base with 2 screws
    • Hidden fixations: Nicely concealed with a ring in standard black
    • Light impact: < 0.5 kJ

    BO145L EV

    • Diameter: 5.7" / 145 mm
    • Hidden fixations: Mounted in concrete with a rubber socket.
    • The hole for the socket can be made when pouring the concrete (prefabricated or on site) or drilled afterwards (diameter 6.4" / 162 mm; 10.23" / 260 mm deep). A base ring seals the opening between the socket and the bollard.
    • Impact: < 2 kJ
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    EV Bollards

    • Avoids vehicle damage
    • UV resistant
    • Long lasting and durable
    • Slim design: hidden fixations
    • Maximum visibility
    • Easy to install
    • Various options and versions
    • Maintenance-free
    • Returns to its original shape after impact
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    Forget steel

    EV Bollards

    The polymer EV bollards absorb the impact and protect the charging station thanks to their flexibility. After a collision, they return to their original shape. A steel bollard is damaged after a collision and must be replaced. In addition, a steel protective post causes additional damage not only to the ground on which it is placed, but more importantly, to the vehicle that collides with it. So, if you want to avoid problems with the owner of the vehicle, choose a polymer bollard.

    Legal and liability considerations

    Many jurisdictions have specific regulations and safety standards for charging infrastructure. Failure to adequately protect charging stations can result in legal liability if accidents or injuries occur. Taking preventative measures to secure charging stations helps ensure compliance, mitigates legal risks, and demonstrates a commitment to safety and responsible operations.

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    Maximum visibility

    EV Bollards

    The BO125L EV and BO145L EV posts are available in a variety of distinctive colors, making them highly visible in any situation.

    • Available colors: black, white and yellow 
    • To make the bollards stand out even more, a reflective strip in yellow, white or black can be added. 
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    Optional accessories

    EV Bollards

    • Cable hook
      The cable hook allows people to hang their charging cable. Users appreciate it because it prevents the cable from getting dirty or wet. 
    • SignMark 150
      The BO125L EV and BO145L EV can be equipped with a 6" / 150 mm diameter SignMark to display special messages
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