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SG Drop Gate

  • Safety gate that opens with an upward movement

    SG Drop Gate

    The SG Drop Gate is a safety gate that was specially developed for closing off access ways that have insufficient space to install a classic swing gate. This access gate opens with an upward movement. Just like the other safety gates in this series, the SG Drop Gate is a convenient solution for closing off hallways and machine rooms to unauthorised personnel.


    Safety gate, can be combined effectively with handrails and balustrades

    The SG Drop Gate is perfect for use with our FLEX IMPACT® crash protection system. The integration of a safety gate with an upward opening is ideal for rooms that have limited freedom of movement, yet are high enough for a Drop Gate. The SG Drop Gate can be supplemented in a modular structure by the FLEX IMPACT® handrails or balustrades. Together, all these safety elements ensure smooth, safe traffic between the various zones in your company.

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    Flex Impact Safety Gate SG Drop
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