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    Protective bollards with extreme impact resistance

    BO 200 FORCE

    Due to its strength and impact-resistant flexibility, the BO 200 FORCE is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting gates, access ways, corners and machines from impacts up to 16.000 Joule. The deformation that occurs after each crash will disappear once the vehicle draws back. This eliminates the need for post-impact repairs

    For the BO 200 FORCE, Boplan® developed a new, improved and patented polymer that can handle those extreme impact values. 

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    A revolutionary baseplate

    BO 200 FORCE

    The screws that anchor the round baseplate to the floor are protected by the Base Defender. This rubber cover makes it physically impossible to drive over the baseplate and damage the screws. For a more finished look, cover the Base Defender with a Base Shield (optional). 

    This also provides additional protection from ground-level impacts and hygienic protection from dirt and dust.

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    Available in different heights and colours

    BO 200 FORCE

    Available in 3 heights

    • 750 mm (30 in)
    • 1000 mm (40 in)
    • 1200 mm (47 in)

    Maximum visibility

    The BO 200 FORCE posts come in a variety of distinctive colors and patterns, making them highly visible in any situation.

    • Yellor or Black (standard)
    • With 1, 2 or 3 stripes (yellow, black or white)
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    Various accessories

    BO 200 FORCE

    Boplan® SignMark 200
    Convey the right message in the right place with the optional SignMark 200: one-way traffic, speed limits, mandatory safety equipment, special warnings, etc. The SignMark 200 is designed for a perfect fit on the BO 200 FORCE and can easily be replaced with a single click.

    Rotor Sleeve
    When a vehicle collides with a BO 200 FORCE, the Rotor Sleeve deflects the impact by rotating. This means that the bollard does not absorb the full force of the collision, reducing damage to your vehicle. This is beneficial in areas with an increased risk of collision, such as high traffic areas.

    Base Shield

    The Base Shield protects the Base Defender and the baseplate from ground-level impacts and provides hygienic protection from dirt and dust. And on top of that... it looks great.

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